Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou is more lovely… Well, it was glorious weather… if 3 degrees did not bother me. Welcome to the pristine Sweden! More precisely, Köpstadsö island. This island had 100 permanent residents and ZERO cars. The only wheels found on the island were wheelbarrows.


Yup, this place really exists.

My journey began with vasttrafik city tram 11 and a ferry ride.

Upon arrival to this tiny island. Yes, mini island… can walk around the entire island in less than half a day. Semi-flat hike, mixture of forest, paved path and coastline scenic walk.

Gothenburg Sweden-85
Upon landing, right next to the ferry dock. hm… potentially more wheel barrows than people haha

Important! There were hardly any human in sight, so make sure you have a map or compass of sort. I only met 5 people in the 4 hours that I stroll there. 4 were selling pot plants / fresh veggie and 1 was because I trespassed her property. The beauty of a crime free environment was that, there were no fences anywhere. I did a picnic number on someone’s backyard (totally unknowingly until the owner showed up shocked).

According to the locals, you CAN have a great time swimming as well. I couldn’t feel my bloody toe the moment I touched the water? The vikings were kindhearted honest people, but let’s just say that their body thermometers were not functional to give ‘swimable’ temperature advice?

*probably can finish walking the entire island in 2 hours if you don’t do crazy photo / picnic stops like me

WARNING: no supermarket on the island. Very important that you bring your own water and food. There was only 1 cafe and it wasn’t even opened when I was there.

How to get here?

Köpstadsö – southern archipelago, Goteborg, Sweden

From Satholmen Brygga, take the ferry 281

15min ferry ride

Cost: I don’t know the actual ferry ride cost by itself (sorry), the ferry ride was included in the transport pass – & also one city one card (transport + tourist attraction entrance include

The island’s official website:


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  1. Wonderful post and lovely photos! We love hiking, but normally we hike in Lapland (northernmost part of Finland) on its Arctic fell where reindeers roam freely.

    Happy and safe travels.

  2. I bet the water’s a bit warmer in the summer 😉 Though probably not much! Looks nice. I was born in Göteborg, wonder if I was ever taken to that island for a stroll as an infant…. no memories, of course

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