I love the deco of this restaurant so much. It’s one of those leave Paris behind that door sort of thing. The food was just gorgeous to eat! I do definitely recommend this place.

The restaurant looked like nothingness from the outside. I swear I would have completely missed out if I didn’t spot this gem via La Fourchette; it’s a mobile app that I use. Sometimes they offer discount too 😀le-caroubier-moroccan-restaurant-paris-south-6129All dish names were in Moroccan LOL so both the English and their French menu was rather useless haha Anyways, their waiter was lovely and was very patient to explain to us what’s what. Their menu was really exotic sounding because I couldn’t pronounce anything. Love these type of dining; try something new. To be clear, I still had no idea what we’ve ordered. Our neighours’ dish aroma was just stunning, so it’s like, “please can we have what they have?”


For a start, of course we’ve got to try the Moroccan beer. It’s nothing weird, it was refreshing like any other beer? Have to try one in the spirit of trying new things.le-caroubier-moroccan-restaurant-paris-south-6148.JPGThe came the starters. I love their dishes. The colour is so pretty.le-caroubier-moroccan-restaurant-paris-south-6156.JPGI must say, they don’t look very photogenic haha. Tasted great though 😀 O, a word of warning. Their cous cous is GIGANTIC. I don’t know who would finish that by him/herself. Okay, except Pen Pen. He’d finish. He’s that friendly giant featured on my London food tour.le-caroubier-moroccan-restaurant-paris-south-6173.JPGTheir cous cous came with this massive bowl of sauce / meat stew. It was sooooo good.le-caroubier-moroccan-restaurant-paris-south-6165.JPGIt was just the 2 of us and can barely finish. We thought we were reasonable with our 2 starter 2 main dishes. We’re wrong. Burrrrrrrp.

This clay pot chicken was soooooo good. Richly flavoured, spicy but not chilly hot. Super succulent and just melt in the mouth.

O, a small story before we get to the end. We sat next to a table of 8, who I didn’t know why assumed that it was okay to talk about their neighbours. Firstly, assuming this Chinese face didn’t understand French is silly. Secondly, laughing at me using a camera and then proceed to use their phones to take food photos was hilarious. Thirdly, talking about me being rude taking photos at the table… well, rich comment from such polite neighbours. It was a dinner with an old friend (non French) and so I never bothered to confront these morons. It’s people like them that gives Paris a bad name. sigh Honestly, what year are we in already!le-caroubier-moroccan-restaurant-paris-south-6182.JPGAlright, for the ultimate sugar rush… try their Moroccan tea. It was OMG sweat with serious amount of mint. I love the tea set though. So cute.


As you can tell, I enjoyed this cosy restaurant 😀 It is absolutely a lovely spot to spend time with friends. Not sure about for dates though. Not dim lite enough? haha Is there a particular Moroccan dish that you’re into? Any recommendations?le-caroubier-moroccan-restaurant-paris-south-6138


Where was I?

Le Caroubier

82 Boulevard Lefebvre, 75015 Paris


We booked with La Fourchette and got 30% off. I don’t know how long the special is valid for though.


This is NOT an affiliated link. I do not benefit in any economical way from any clicks. I am just sharing what I used.

**My friend treated me to this lovely dinner. She is a visiting tourist 😛

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