Late to the unbox party this month. Got my box late, but here we are. Let’s unbox!

This month is a collaboration between Rouje and My Little Box. Rouje is a premium fashion brand here in France. I didn’t know about this brand before. I popped over to their site and it screams French. The styling and’s illustration is visibly missing again this month. I start to think that maybe she’s no longer part of their team. In any case, the red lip theme is quite enticing.


Like last month, I made unboxing video and a written post. If you feel like watching instead of reading, below is the video. Else, keep reading xox

This month’s publication must have taken quite a bit of effort. There’s 28 pages of contents. The Rouje advert is very subtly embedded; tastefully done. There’s a bit of DIY information (how to make pom pom, embroidery, cropped jean). Some points of interest in Paris information. You know, the lifestyle sort of thing. What was a let down was the use of Coco Chanel quote. Seriously, all subscribers lives in France, isn’t Chanel quotes a bit old and tired by now?my-little-box-september-2017-france-la-vie-en-rouje-8529.JPGmy-little-box-september-2017-france-la-vie-en-rouje-8530.JPGLifestyle product of the month is a white slogan tee. It is made in India. 100% cotton, probably carded cotton, I see a lot of’s a single jersey 140gsm, nothing weird. The chest print is a matte paste; if you run your fingers on it, you can feel it. It isn’t a thick paste or anything and it will survive washes. The inner back neck print however look very poorly pressed, I can peel it off dry (yes, I did manage to do that with great ease). It’s those iron off type of print that didn’t get enough heat or press time. I do love wearing tee, but this one will probably not go out anywhere with is the beauty goodie bag. This month, sad face, is paper bag. I want a twill sash bags, thanks. Products are:

  • Dermalogica pre cleanse balm with cleansing mitt 15ml made in USA
  • Estee Lauder pure color envy lash multi effects in black (no country of origin and no ml indication – mildly annoyed *LOL*)
  • My Little Beauty rouge rouje 4g made in France

my-little-box-september-2017-france-la-vie-en-rouje-8535.JPGmy-little-box-september-2017-france-la-vie-en-rouje-8536.JPGDermalogica is a brand that I’ve known for more than 20 years. When I was in primary school back in South Africa, I recall the girls were talking about this brand being excellent and was only available in salons etc. Anyhow, I LOVE washing my face LOL Any cleansing products gets my engine running. TOTALLY love to try it out. It smells like lemongrass. This deluxe sample is really quite a surprise, it came with a cleansing mitt and the tube has an inner seal. LOVE & look forward to test drive this Estee Lauder Mascara is something that I’ve never considered trying. I get free ones from my skincare purchase almost every time. I’ve never even opened those yet. No idea why it doesn’t entice me. Anyhow, mascara is a fast consumable, I guess getting another one won’t hurt. I am a big fan of Estee Lauder’s advance night repair eye (the one in the square jar) and their idealist serum. Something to write about on another post?

Ruby Woo dupe
From left to right: Etude House play stick 22, MAC ruby woo, My Little Beauty rouge rouje, MAC chilli, MAC alibi. Extra dry arm alert.

Red lippie. It is a demi matte neutral red. The sweet smell is strong, I could smell the lippied from 40cm distance. It is not unpleasant or pungent. It doesn’t drag the lips during application. So it is easier to apply than MAC Ruby Woo. The lippie is not as drying as Ruby Woo as well, so that’s a plus. It is not quite the Dior Matte lippie level sort of soft lip, but man, this lippie was in a subscription box! This lippie is such a surprise. It doesn’t bleed, no liner needed. It’s not patchy after full lip on mug drinking action. Easy application and worked well as a stain application (press onto lips with finger). I am impressed.

My Little Beauty rouge rouje. Please excuse my flaky lips. Clearly no editing was done *LOL* On the lip, the colour pay off is not as intense as Ruby Woo. The colour is buildable, but I didn’t wack it on so that I can share what to expect. If I wack it on, the colour is pretty intense and is a great glamour red lippie.

In retrospective, the beauty contents are pretty good. When I first opened the box I just wasn’t excited (as seen in my vlog). Okay, now that I am sitting down and writing, this is a good box. Well done, My Little Box!


**Also like to mention that the reason why I no longer link my unbox post to Rachael’s is because she unsubscribed MLB. I am still following her blog and her social media.


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  1. Hi! Nice review!
    I’m considering getting one in Japan ^ – ^ I wonder whether it’s worth it!

    • Thank you for reading 😘 The Japanese version has always been better than the French version in my opinion. I may not have stopped my subscription if I was subscribed to the Japanese one.

  2. Everyone should be aware that MLB have changed their terms and conditions and information on their website this week (trading standards issue anyone?!) to “Drum roll, please… It’s a surprise, so we’re keeping our lips sealed. But we can tell you this: each month you will receive three beauty products (one of which will be a product from our very own My Little Beauty brand ) with fashion and lifestyle accessories, and goodies by our illustrator Kanako. Don’t try to press us further, that is all we’re saying” No mention of the full size products anymore. And in their T&Cs it says “The box shipment service consists of a shipment, each calendar month, of a “box” containing samples of cosmetics or similar and related products”. And wash your t-shirt carefully – other folks have reported it that the text runs …

    • O man~Thank you, Karen for sharing this. I have clicked unsubscribe. So no box is coming my way this October.

      I haven’t washed my tee yet. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. I found this one so disappointing. I’d unsubscribed just because of the cost then resubscribed again as a special treat for myself, but I’m not impressed at all. I think I’ll unsubscribe again for the next two but subscribe again for a Christmas one!

  4. Bah, the white tshirt is lame. I don’t like white tshirts much.
    The Dermalogica face wash looks great! I’ve been wanting to try more from the brand.
    The lipstick is pretty but GIRL, you need to scrub your lips PRONTO! You don’t even need a fancy sugar scrub, just scrub using a wet warm wash cloth or even a soft toothbrush.

    • I love white t-shirts with NO print. This one is like an advert that I should be paid to wear it.

      I know that I can always rely on you for some hardcore feedback~~~hahaha I was clearly too lazy to scrub my lips for this photo. Ops, sorry 😛

    • Haha, I was about to say the same about whether a lip scrub was needed or whether the lipstick was creating balls of product!
      are you still thinking of unsubbing? I’ll be honest when I unsubbed I thought I’d be resubscribed within a month or two, but I only now think about the fact I haven’t received the box when I end up seeing your review!
      This one was okay for me – don’t love the t-shirt, looks like it would be too transparent and would end up being worn as a pyjama top! The beauty products are nice enough but nothing wow, MLB always seems to do the same lip colours though? Maybe it’s they’re being constantly stereotypical french with the red lips!

      • Sorry, Rachael. I should really have scrubbed my lips LOL This lippie was good, it was my poorly maintained lips that’s the problem.

        I agree with you, the beauty products this month aren’t bad; just not excited, don’t know why. I have clicked unsub already. Their box starts to get tired? This is my 24th box. I think it is my last one? I still have doubts though. I am considering sticking through till Dec.

        • The UK Box was terrible this month – they’re promises of 2 full size products and two lifestyle products are a complete lie now-a-days! I normally preferred their boxes over summer and found the winter ones a bit more boring on the beauty side – so I can’t see me resubbing any time soon!

          • Hm… I think last year’s November (Good Night) box was among their best ever winter box. That moon shape dish is just too hard to resist. If they come up with another cutesy plate, I’ll probably sub again LOL O well, I’m unsub for good for now.

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