Besides the regular a la carte, on the menu… the chef can cook anything (LOVE & SHOUTOUT!!!). I love restaurants with this level of confidence. I have been to this restaurant multiple times. This Bangladeshi restaurant rocks! I guess I really should share this.

This is a hidden gem in a chilled neighbourhood. They actually can cook and not trying too hard to distract people with fancy plating. You know, the common syndrome in London where chef plates really well, but the taste is yuck? Don’t get me wrong, modest plating is important to me, but if the food is dry/too salty/bleh then honestly just cook properly already.belash-crouch-end-london-5914.jpgTheir food was incredibly fragrant! Well balance of spiciness, acidity, sweet and texture. Just yummy good.

Food coma really hard. Curry was very flavoursome and rich (burrrrrp). **photos were taken over several visits****The restaurant was not shy on hot spice, their ‘mild’ was still quite spicy

**Their mango yogurt smoothie was sugar high inducing, but SOOOO worth it (love). It will sooth any spiced up tongues 😛


The restaurant vibe was comfy and not too out there with the deco. Reasonably priced. My friends and I had a great time (burrrp). I recommend this restaurant :9


Rating: Never again / If it is free / I’ll be back / Already went back


Where was I?


53 Topsfield Rd, London N8 8PT
Phone:020 8340 9513

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Salut, I am Joyce. 40 something living in Paris. Appreciate little things and share giggles. Prudent, no nonsense reviews. #ExploreLaughRepeat


    • I’ve verified with the restaurant. They specialise in Bangladeshi food 😀 Their sign outside is pretty misleading…

  1. Aside from being in love in travelling, I as well love indulging myself in a comfort of food. Your blog post made me hungry. I’m sure the food are really delectable.

    • Big ops, blunder on my part haha Thanks for pointing that out, Bunny. It was Indian food. I am no expert on regional Indian food. I’ll give the restaurant a call to verify and get back to you. Thank you for this. I didn’t realise that I didn’t mention the food type; pretty ‘hilarious’ for a review.

    • Hi Bunny, sorry that it took me a while. I’ve called the restaurant to clarify. They advised that they specialises in Bangladesh cuisine. I am very embarrassed for me over sight. I will amend my review asap. Thank you again for the comment. It was so helpful.

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