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I was an expat in Shanghai 2007 to 2015. Sort of my home away from home? China has a large variety of tourism. I am trying my best to share them all.

8 things I miss Shanghai

Caught the nostalgia bug today while visiting Hong Kong. It has been 2 years since I’ve officially left Shanghai! Those 8 crazy years in Mordor (locals called it ‘modu’ 魔都). Shanghai was glitsy, cosmopolitan and pure madness. Funny enough, I only miss 8 things about Shanghai. None of them are particularly glamourous.

Gourmet in Summer Palace – Aman, Beijing

Gourmet Chinese food enjoyed within the Summer Palace itself. This ass-kicking hotel restaurant had it all going – the traditional deco, the service, the ambience and the location. Different from most Chinese restaurants that I’ve been, this one was quiet and the waitron knew what service was. Honestly, after 8 years of bad service in China, this place was a paradise found.

Ancient Chinese make over – Shanghai

Besides Maiko-san, I have also tried the Tang dynasty Chinese make over 🙂 I must say, although I could breath better in these outfits, my neck got all the pressure. See my crazy vein sticking out? Yup, it’s the weight. Head piece: 2 kg Wig: 1 to 2 kg My hair was quite short (& curly) and they managed to make straight smooth buns and rolls… plus a sea cucumber hair do. This was a true make over haha.

Asian ‘Venice’ in Shanghai 朱家角

Went to this water town with my ex-boss and husband as my farewell 🙂 I am a lucky girl, my boss and colleagues were all sweethearts. This is only a 90min drive from downtown Shanghai. Great for a get away from the urban jungle. Note, this is not an escape from the crowds. This is still China with its 1.4 billion people.