This was part of a massage package. It all sounded very ‘safe’. My brother and I decided to try this exotic sounding package together. Setting knees on fire was only tip of the iceberg.


The menu of the palour was nicely translated by Google translate. LOL It was a good thing that I could read Chinese. I took the “Fine Foot” package, which includes 80 minutes foot massage, send fire and lymphatic drainage.

fire-massage-chinese-massage-4275Clearly, the ‘send fire’ had my attention. Fire treatment sounded totally up my rally. Weird thing though, I lived in Shanghai for 8 years and never came across this treatment before. Got to give it a try, right?


This place was clearly a total winner. They offered gigantic disposable shorts for foot massage was pretty standard. What came up next was just wrong…fire-massage-chinese-massage-4286.JPGThis was the lymphatic drainage. She put a candle in my ear and massage my neck / upper back. I don’t even know how to describe this sensation. It’s like having something making a hissing sound in my ear, with the imminent flame thread close to my hair?

Yup, that’s a lighter right there.

It was time to get ‘send fire’.fire-massage-chinese-massage-4316.JPGIronically, it did not feel bad. It was just intensely warm? That went on for about 3min? I’m not sure. I was besides myself and my brother was laughing his head didn’t really understand the point of this exercise. She did explain that it supposed to have helped the body to release ‘cold air’? It was a fabulous choice for sibling bonding time. It’s a winner. I’m glad that I’ve done it, but I won’t do it again 😛


Want to see my first knife point Chinese style pedicure? Click the below. This was filmed back in the days when I first moved to China. I laugh at myself now LOL It’s a series of 3 videos. I do not know how to link up videos 😛


Where was I?

This was in Guangzhou. Many massage parlours offer similar package.

*I must have lost their card. Sorry, I don’t remember the name of the

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  1. This is such a new experience for you Joyce. They really have a different way of doing massage. It must be really relaxing at the same time kinda interesting. It’s a different style of massage here in the Philippines, but I guess what makes it awesome is you can relax and a good way to rest. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

    • Joyce Belfort Reply

      Thank you, Lai 😃 I was totally not relaxed though 🤣 the fire and the bone cracking was rather scary for me haha

  2. The candle thing is quite common in hairdressers in china, yes? I’ve had hair cuts in GZ and they’ve suddenly shoved a lit candle in my ear. It helps if you’re expecting it obviously.
    I had the cupping thing done there too. I screamed the place down. Then when I looked up I noticed 3 fire extinguishers lined up by the massage table.

    • I don’t know whether it was common in Guangzhou. For my 8 years in Shanghai, this was not common at all *LOL*. Wahaha it would most certainly help if I knew what to expect. O, you are brave. Those cupping things hurts like hell.

      Wahaha they use fire for cupping too~~ better safe than sorry 😛

  3. Oh my!!! I got chills (despite the flames lol) just from the photos haha Very interesting. I liked the water bucket on the side, in case… haha

  4. I’ve gone for massages in Shanghai and those ladies are THOROUGH… and such strong hands!
    I’ve never heard of a fire massage before! Although I have heard of ear candling… still unsure what they are supposed to do? I don’t think health and safety protocols would allow something like this here! 😆

    • Wahahha ???? the fire department surely will it take it well.

      Ja, those ladies have so strong!! Feet massage hurted like hell when I was in Shanghai, but they’re always convinced that the intense pain was good for me and that it was a sign of poor health ????

  5. Wow and wow and wow!!!
    I had a plan to visit Guangzhou for business but I missed it. Hmm.

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