Avator’s Christmas, Singapore

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore . This Avator-looking creation got a Christmas upgrade. Photo & video post.


This avator wonderland journey began like this…


Reminds me of the Kobe’s light festival (Kobe Luminarie).

gardens-by-the-bay-singapore-avator-world-christmas-9065supertree-grove-gardens-by-the-bay-night-singapore-9076.JPGsupertree-grove-gardens-by-the-bay-night-singapore-9072.JPGsupertree-grove-gardens-by-the-bay-night-singapore-9077.JPGsupertree-grove-gardens-by-the-bay-night-singapore-9099.JPGThe initial 20 seconds was great, I felt like I was in a different world. After 2min of it, I got bored 😛 Here is a short clip of the light show.

It was very romantic… by myself LOL I was solo for this one.



Where was I?

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

This one is a freebie. Entrance is free 😀


Camera: Canon 5D mark 3

Film: Sony Z3+


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