I am Joyce, a micro-entrepreneur, blogger based in Paris. I love to wander around getting lost everywhere I go, and I laugh a lot. That’s why my slogan is: Explore. Laugh. Repeat.

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This blog started out as a digital travel journal, because my real life journals were getting out of hand and there’s no space to keep them all. Little by little, I started to write about beauty, blog admin and other lifestyle topics.

Travel preferences

Mainly travel solo or with my spouse. I love exploring affordable local options. Spending like crazy is not my idea of fun. Price tag and expectation has an exponential relationship in my books; aka splurge usually results in disappointment.

Favourite tourism is cooking class, hike, museum and local street food. Walking around getting lost is pretty good too. I do regularly ignore reading ‘top list’ and ‘best list’. I find that if I wander around enough, I’ll spot something that tickles my fancy. Personal experience is good enough for me.

In a nutshell?

  1. I can read/speak: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and Afrikaans (gone to hell due to lack of practice). Currently studying French.
  2. I hate spending money on transport i.e. flight, ferry, train, bus…
  3. I prefer rural and non-city travel.
  4. I am fond of minshuku and hostel experience.
  5. My favourite destination is firmly Japan.
  6. I can drive a manual car, but cannot parallel park a Smart car >_<
  7. I sleep easily on a long haul flight or bus or anywhere.
  8. The way I tend to pack? 2 nights travel means a 20L. 8 weeks is a 45L for summer / 60L for winter. A carry-on case is enough luggage room for my 30+ days summer travel. *I will bring a check-in luggage if I plan to haul*
  9. My backpack max tolerance weight is 12kg. I am 157cm, weigh +/- 43kg.
  10. I love meat, but do not eat lamb.

Where am I from?

Now live in Paris 😀 I clearly have an identity crisis issue. LOL

My motto is, ‘Ichigo ichie’ 一期一会. In English: One opportunity, one encounter

All photos are my own unless stated otherwise. Support original work! If you will use my photos / videos, please do not remove my watermark; otherwise, please ask me for permission.

Looking for me?

Contact me 🙂 localgirlforeignland@gmail.com

I have opened a small workshop in Paris 😀 running kitsuke workshops (how to wear a kimono) & I make Japanese fabric goodie. https://kikitaru.com


  1. Joyce, If you do not mind, would you tell us how you learnt Japanese and why Japan is your favourite travel destination. I would also like to know how you came to live in London and what started your interest in travel.

    • Hi Debra, thank you for dropping by.

      I learnt Japanese at Sakura language school in Shanghai. When I returned to Cape Town, I went to class at Ninhongokai.

      Japan is my favourite travel destination because of their culture preservation. The local governments fund and support traditional festivals/activities that have been around for centuries. The locals’ passion towards their own culture is inspiring to see and leaves me breathless every visit.

      I don’t know if I understood the question about London. You mean, why I moved to UK perhaps? London was one of the easiest option; close to France for hubby’s family and I was not obliged to learn French.

      Travel is vacation time 😀 I love seeing / trying something different from my own environment. It is fun to do. **nothing deep or profound from me, I’m afraid 😉 I’m a simple girl.

      How about you? What’s your favourite travel destination? Why?

  2. My goal is to go back to all your old posts and like them all since all the likes disappeared with the blog migration! 😉

    • Joyce Belfort Reply

      Seriously? Wow, I think your project is bigger than my i-stalk-you project LOL wahaha thanks for all the support xox

  3. Wow, okay! Your life! Haha I wish I lived in Paris! I grew up in Durban, then studied in Cape Town, now I live in Canada (been here for one year), and trying to travel every chance I get!

      • It does! 🙂 Crazy how small the world is! Canada is great for the most part! I think I have a little separation anxiety from Cape Town now haha. But it’s just settling in still I think. The winters can be a bit long! Dying for some sun! How’s Paris for you?

        • Paris is strangely beautiful everywhere. Weird thing is, Paris looks fab, but smells like pee? *LOL* The public transport is amazing. I’m in love with Paris.

  4. “My favourite destination is firmly Japan.”

    Kindred spirit. (^_^)

    Cheers and all the best in your travels.

  5. My ultimate fav destination is Japan too. This country never stops amazing me every time I get there. Hope you could discover all prefectures of Japan in the soonest 🙂

    • Hi Miriam, thank you for dropping by 🙂 Sorry that it took me a while to get back to you. Somehow your comment landed up in the spam box.

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