My name is Joyce Belfort, 30+ and laugh a lot.

Mainly travel solo or with my spouse. I love exploring affordable local options. Spending like crazy is not my idea of fun. Price tag and expectation has an exponential relationship in my books.


Favourite tourism is cooking class, hiking, museum and local street food. Walking around getting lost is pretty good too. I do regularly ignore reading ‘top list’ and ‘best list’. Personal experience is good enough for me.


In a nutshell:

  1. I can read/speak: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and Afrikaans (gone to hell due to lack of practice). Currently studying French.
  2. I hate spending money on transport i.e. flight, ferry, train, bus…
  3. I prefer rural and non-city travel.
  4. I am fond of minshuku and hostel experience.
  5. My favourite destination is firmly Japan.
  6. I can drive a manual car, but cannot parallel park a Smart car >_<
  7. I sleep easily on a long haul flight or bus or anywhere.
  8. The way I tend to pack? 2 nights travel means a 20L. 8 weeks is a 45L for summer / 60L for winter. A carry-on case is enough luggage room for my 30+ days summer travel. *I will bring a check-in luggage if I plan to haul*
  9. My backpack max tolerance weight is 12kg. I am 157cm, weigh +/- 43kg.
  10. This is my 3rd blogging attempt. My first attempt was on the platform called geocities…

Where am I from?

  • I was born in Hong Kong.
  • Chilled in Durban for 10 years
  • Partied/worked in Cape Town for 8 years
  • Exported to Shanghai for 8 years
  • Lived in London for a year

Now live in Paris 😀 I clearly have an identity crisis issue. *LOL*


My motto is, ‘Ichigo ichie’. In English: One opportunity, one encounter


Yours truly,

Joyce Belfort

All photos are my own unless stated otherwise. Support original work! Terms & conditions applied.


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  1. Hey, you have a great blog, thanks for commenting(yes, it was tough reading about the Massacre of Nanking).

    Btw you have a beautiful smile, keep smiling!

  2. Hey, very interesting blog and I like your style a lot – visually clear. Happy to start following! 🙂 I’m an ex-expat who doesn’t feel at home in my “home” country and I was just asked yesterday which nationality I think of myself as belonging to. The only answer I came up with was “international”! Luckily here in the blog world, I can be whatever I want!

  3. Great smile and blog! xo

  4. I like your way of life 🙂 I will follow your blog

  5. Love your blog and your motto. Just wanted to say thank you so much for visiting my own and for kindly following.
    I shall look forward to keeping in touch.
    Luv n peas

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog, Joyce! I can’t wait to read more about your adventures. It sounds like we enjoy the same kind of travel. 🙂

  7. What a great motto! Happy to have stumbled across your blog :). We’re looking forward to reading through your posts!

  8. Your photos are breathtakingly beautiful. They make Japan look like a much better travel destination than any other advertisements they do here. Thank you!

  9. Congratulations speaking so many languages and especially that You learning also French, which I love very much. I love languages and that is why post in four languages since nearly two years.

    Happy and safe travels!

    P. S. Great blog.

    • Wow, Sartenada! Posting in 4 languages for 2 years!!! That is crazy talent and discipline!!! I should be the one congratulating you ???????? amazing!

  10. Happy to have found your blog! I love the layou, the style, the content…everything! I’m a travel lover too so following you will definitely be inspiring!!
    Looking forward to reading your posts! 🙂
    Your pics are amazing!!


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  12. Hello Joyce,

    I am pleased to inform you that I have nominated you for a Liebster award. Visit this post to know more about it. https://travelosio.com/2016/06/04/travelosio-receives-liebster-award/


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  14. Lovely to ‘meet’ you Joyce! You have such a stunning blog and one visit is definitely not enough to absorb everything on offer 🙂 Looking forward to my next visit already! 😀

  15. dig your blog and overall vibe and the energy you display is very refreshing. peace and the best

  16. Joyce, what an interesting and adventurous life! I cannot wait to explore your space for Japan stories and get inspired! 🙂 xoxo, nano

  17. Thank you for stopping my blog.

  18. Lovely to meet you! I was in South Africa (Cape Town based) for nearly two months – can’t wait to read your blog and reminisce!!

    • Hi Emily 😀 Thank you for dropping by. Lovely to meet you too. How wonderful that you got to stay in the Mother City for so long. I don’t write that much about CPT. Now that you’ve inspired me, I should work on that 😉

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  25. Hi Joyce, nice to meeting you here. I grew up in Hong Kong, but came to US years ago. Would like to connect with you!


  26. My ultimate fav destination is Japan too. This country never stops amazing me every time I get there. Hope you could discover all prefectures of Japan in the soonest 🙂

  27. “My favourite destination is firmly Japan.”

    Kindred spirit. (^_^)

    Cheers and all the best in your travels.

  28. Wow, okay! Your life! Haha I wish I lived in Paris! I grew up in Durban, then studied in Cape Town, now I live in Canada (been here for one year), and trying to travel every chance I get!

    • Wahaha Sounds like we kind of have similar background? 😉 How’s Canada for you?

      • It does! 🙂 Crazy how small the world is! Canada is great for the most part! I think I have a little separation anxiety from Cape Town now haha. But it’s just settling in still I think. The winters can be a bit long! Dying for some sun! How’s Paris for you?

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