Hong Kong


I was born in HK, but I am largely a tourist :P left HK when I was a tiny tot.

Hong Kong is part of China. For the ease of my blog, all Special Administrative Regions of China (SAR) have been categories independently. Each SAR has its own visa requirements.

As usual, I did not plan this at all. It was the earliest available ferry.

Outlying island of Hong Kong, it had the old school charm of a fishing port. Smells a little bit fishy, but hey, chilled and lovely. Nice change from the main island.

Fishing. Cheung Chau, Hong Kong
Upon arrival, this is what I saw on my left. Chilled for HK, right?


Wandering aimlessly does have its merit. I came across this old temple. This Taoist temple was called Pak Tai 北帝廟 or Yuk Hui 玉虛宮. I had no idea why it had 2 names. Identity crisis happened to temples too, I guess.