“Unusual hike” returns! With the same sweetheart whom I did the food hike. We planned to get away from the bustling Hong Kong . That kind of went wrong? Those following my IG knows why 😛

Dragon’s back is an iconic hike in Hong Kong. It is famed for the fab view and easy access. Now, the greatest problem is the “fame” part. Together with FAB weather & almost 8 millions Hongkies, that means… the hike won’t be a peaceful one. I think nothing prepared me for this “phenomenon”.Shau Kei Wan Bus Terminus (1 of 1).JPG

Our journey began in Shau Kei Wan. We queued  to get onto a bus. After much anticipation and perseverance, we reached our hiking point.

No joke. This was the real deal.

As you can see, I don’t have any epic open space photo to show. However, let’s us appreciate the open view with a ton of people.

Feels like Mong Kok? *LOL*
Don’t look too closely… those lines are made of people.

drangons-back-shek-o-hong-kong-hike-2-of-16drangons-back-shek-o-hong-kong-hike-14-of-16drangons-back-shek-o-hong-kong-hike (15 of 16).JPG

H100 was the end of the trail.
The trail somehow ends and merge with a small residential road.


Obviously, no hike is complete without local Hong Kong food.

Shum Kee store (small local business, it is on the immediate right hand side at the end of the trial).
Shui Mai, another classic HK treat. I munch them at every chance that I can get.


For the finale… it ended on the beach.big-wave-bay-beach-hong-kong-2-of-4big-wave-bay-beach-hong-kong-4-of-4big-wave-bay-shek-o-hong-kong (1 of 1).JPGOverall experience? Breathtaking. Where else in the world will you find so many people on a hiking trail? 😉


It’s a actually a very easy trail, no fitness required. It felt exhausting because I had to follow various speed depending on the queue. LOL



  • Most local HK does speak English. With so many people around, you won’t get too lost.
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Bring minimum 1 litre water with you. There are toilets on the hiking trail. They’re spread like 2-3km apart.
  • If you’re so lucky to not spot any human, you can follow the signs.shek-o-hiking-trail-sign (1 of 1).JPGshek-o-hiking-trail-h085-1-of-1

Where was I?

Dragon’s Back hiking trail. Shek O, Hong Kong


How to reach the hiking point?
MTR Shau Kei Wan Station Exit A

1min walk to Shau Kei Wan Bus Terminus

Take bus 9 or the minibus with the sign ‘Shek O’.

Jump off at To Tei Wan, Shek O Road or do it my way… follow the crowd / where most people gets off LOL


How to return to civilization?

Ending point is the Big Wave Bay Beach

There are bus, mini-vans and taxi. Taxis are VERY rare. You’re better off waiting for the bus / mini-vans. Most returns to Shau Kei Wan quite near MTR / underground station.

My partner in crime 😀 xox

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Camera: Canon 5D mark 3, Sony Z3+



Salut, I am Joyce. 40 something living in Paris. Appreciate little things and share giggles. Prudent, no nonsense reviews. #ExploreLaughRepeat


  1. Oh, I can’t believe that the Dragon’s Back Trail is too crowded like that! This is my dream trekking trail and I have to conquer it, but with this situation I don’t wanna go on this route anymore. Do you have another suggestion? Thanks so much for your review and keep moving!

    • Ja, sorry to have dampen your desire on this one. The crowd was just really wild wahahah Sai Kung has hikes that more rugged, less people for sure 😉 and avoid weekend if possible .

  2. Have been twice in Hong Kong and I absolutely LOVE this city, amazing views, great shopping, great food, great people!!!!

  3. Fascinating images and story. So thats leisure hiking Hong Kong, are they practising for the shopping sales?

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us. The view was definitely worth the trudge with the masses.

    • Thank you for dropping by, Anthony 😀 Yes, the view was worthwhile. Something different from the usual glam HK view.

  5. Haha, this scenic hike is more like watching homo sapiens bump into each other. I don’t think it’s actually possible to be more than 10ft away from another human in HK.

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