It is OUT!!!!! This travel blogger has gone rogue and got herself on a Canadian beauty podcast. No kidding. Had a fantastic time recording with the crazy Cat Forsley from and my doppelganger Stashy from No harm for me to try out some bblogger fun, right?

In the podcast… We discussed about superbly hairy issues, sexy makeup porn, home apparatus and other giggly things. Check it out to hear my infectious laugh 😉 The podcast is a bubbly one! Pop over for a fab laugh.

Okay, let’s intro you all to these 2 fab girls 😀


Stashy’s blog is my #1 most read blog. It’s all about her stash problems. Admittedly, I always feel great after reading about her stash. Her stash is WAY bigger LOL. On a random day, I discovered that my favourite blogger is my doppelganger. We have the same birth countries, same foundation colour, freckle issues, same curly hair (unusual for an Asian), same verdicts on most products etc. The best feature of Stashy’s blog? She is METICULOUSLY organised. Which beauty blog out there uses as many MS excel as her? Who uses a scale exactly? LOL She is into both.


project_pan_2016_anna_sui_eyebrow_ash_brown_11Stashy is the cohost of mylipaddiction‘s podcast. So TATUM!!! That’s how I discovered CatForsley. To cut the story short, I literately self invited to do the podcast. I thought it will be fun to chat with my doppelganger and her podcast mate. Luckily, Cat didn’t think I was psychotic or anything and let me jump onto their bandwagon haha.


Introducing, the ultra chic Cat Forsely!


Top CA destination for all beauty nerds!!! This is one of my favourite post from Cat

Cat has an incredibly charismatic voice! Total power house and full of positive energy. You’ve got to listen to her podcast to hear it for yourself. You can find her full list of podcast here or the latest episode (with me in it)

Cat does serious makeup porn… look at all these sexy photos from her IG!!!

Good morning beautifulls ….. ^••^ Last 2 days of renos in here and then BLOG wise – “normality” Until then insta blogging …… ^••^ Ok so as you can tell from my blog name …. – I have a slight obsession with all things lips !! @diormakeup …. Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumper ….. That’s a mouthful … Wink ^••^ This is the original one and they have tinted versions available now !! “Born from backstage beauty secrets ……….” After much research and trying many many others … I find that this one is the very best – with very little tingle factor ….. The science is lovely … -hyaluronic filling spheres …….lasting plumping action supports natural collagen synthesis for fuller lips ….. ^••^ When I researched more …. Dior says after a few weeks of use lips look more defined and noticeably fuller ….. I have been using this since receiving on the 15th – my birthday! There is already a dramatic difference in volume ….. What I love about it the most – super comfortable on the lips … This will be in my am & pm routine forever !!! In love!!! ^••^ Make it a magical day !!! All love xx C #mylipaddiction #dior #dioraddict #lips #diorbeauty #diorlipmaximizer #torontoblogger #lipplumpers #bestinbeauty #flatlay #diormakeup #makeupflatlay #diorbeauty #productreviews #lipstickaddict #canadianblogger #bbloggersca #productsthatwork #beautynerd #torontobeautyblogger #lip???? #alllove ^••^

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I’m sooooo excited about this. Remember to pop over to these girls’ blog! Stashmatters & My Lip Addiction

It’s women’s day! Let’s celebrate 😀


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Salut, I am Joyce. 30 something living in Paris. Appreciate little things and share giggles. Prudent, no nonsense reviews. #ExploreLaughRepeat


  1. So great to have you on the podcast, Joyce! 😀 Your enthusiasm is infectious, as is your LAUGH. Next episode I’m going to try to imitate your accent, ok? 😛
    Hey, anyone can self-invite to do the podcast, it’s if we return your email / IG messages or not that matters! 😉

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