It’s only March, but damn, this one deserves box of the year! My Little Box unbox round 14~~ Spoiler alert, this one is a WINNER!!!

I could tell that it’s going to be an epic box when I spotted the word… SEPHORA (scream)!!!! 😀 Photographed at night, the warm butteriness in colour is from my lamp LOL I was too excited about this one to wait for weekend (1 of 22)The box this month is AMAZING. Well, the bag is an useful semi-clear PVC vanity bag (not sure if it is PVC, it feels like it because of the smell). The nylon coil zip is a smooth operator too. Certainly good enough quality to be sold on its own. I LOVE!!!!

my-little-box-march-2017-france-mylittlenofilterbox (3 of 22)
Opens up till half way on the sides.

**I will not use this for carry-on, a bit too risky to be used for TSA as it is quite (4 of 22)Lifestyle goodies are WOW and so on (9 of 22)

The attention to details with the packaging is what make MLB an exceptional experience 😀 Their Good Night Box was another one of those beautiful surprise moments. This satin finish rose metallic mobile ring was packed beautifully. This lovey weighs 11g. Solid stuff. The adhesive covers the entire plate. Not sure how long it can last on the phone. Only time will tell. The ring is flexible and can turn in all direction. There’s a flat side to it, so it can be used as a ‘rest’.

Made in China

Beauty note book 16 pages of beauty related content, 48 pages of blanks. So selfie / IG content of course. All pages are perforated. Can tear out any page that I don’t like cleanly! A feature that I do appreciate.


Synthetic round top buffing brush. Pink tipped white based hair, similar to the look of Too Faced brush hair. Feels very soft. Probably Nylon or even Taklon fibre. It feels very soft. Virtually useless for picking up powder. This is a straight cream/liquid buffing brush. Medium to low density, not suitable for blending high pigment. Brush has no country of origin label. The box has a reference code; it doesn’t look like a batch number? ‘ACCFR20170301’ looks more like a ‘style code’ to (15 of 22)my-little-box-march-2017-france-mylittlenofilterbox (16 of 22)The twill sash bag is notably missing. I must admit that I only realised that it is missing when I’m writing this post. I was too excited by all the goodies when I was unboxing.

my-little-box-march-2017-france-mylittlenofilterbox (17 of 22)
Lifestyle products of the month, My Little Box France March 2017

Beauty products of the month are…

  • My Little Beauty nail polish 10ml in neutral nude, made in France
  • NARS radiant creamy concealer 1.4ml in custard (medium 1), made in USA
  • Fresh soy face cleanser 20ml, made in USA

my-little-box-march-2017-france-mylittlenofilterbox (18 of 22)

Winner after winners this box! sigh (in love)

Beautiful nail polish colour. I have no ideal how well it will apply yet. It is definitely (19 of 22).JPG

NARS radiant creamy concealer. Well, I’ve bought this concealer before and I must mention how lucky I am that they’ve sent me in my colour LOL. I do love this concealer for under eye and have recommended it to many of friends. Please visit my doppelganger, Stash Matters for the full product review – I agree with her 100% & she uses the same colour as me, true (20 of 22).JPGFresh soy face cleanser… I can’t even open the tube. Total fail! 🙁 So I cannot comment on the product at all wahaha. Will update once I’ve figured out how to open the freaking tube >_< even my hubby’s man hands can’t open it. So no smell comment, no nothing from me. O, the pro is that it won’t leak for sure *LOL* Any tricks how to open stubborn tube are (21 of 22)So that’s it for this month. Total love (love). Turned me into an raving idiot. How about you? What did you get in your box?my-little-box-march-2017-france-mylittlenofilterbox (22 of 22).JPG

UK and France MLB don’t normally get the same items. Pop over to Rachael’s to check out the UK version 😉  She has been subscribing to My Little Box (UK) for years. She does AMAZING photos for her blog.

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Mine is the French MLB

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  1. I’m with you on the attention to detail on that bubble wrap. As I commented on Rachael’s post on this bag, I would pop those heart shaped bubbles!
    And wow, you got a travel sized Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – and in your shade! 😀 I’m glad you like it! The formula is fantastic, if only the colour selection was a bit better for me.
    Re: Fresh Soy cleanser tube, maybe you need to run it under some hot water. I find that helps to loosen whatever is “gluing” the cap to the tube.

    • 🙁 I still can’t open that freaking tube. O well, eventually I’ll just have to resort to cutting the thing open *LOL*

      For the NARS, vanilla didn’t work out for me when I was casper self. The post oxidation is quite pink and the pigment is solid. I don’t know. For now, custard is working out.

  2. A Colab with Sephora is amazing! I’m extremely jealous of the NARS concealer it’s on my hitlist to try once I’ve made my way through the few that I have left that I’ve managed to make my way through!
    It’s interesting to see the little tweaks they make for each country in who they Colab with, hopefully they stay on top form!
    Also I did take note there was no pouch this month too, I’ve reused them all for something to do with my wedding as they’re the perfect size, but I’ll be sad to see them go! Xx

    • Ja, the subtle tweaks. The Japanese one has it the best though. Serious products over there.

      I hope they won’t stop those pouches too. Will be sad together with you if they discontinue them 🙁

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