O my word, the box literately arrived as I am running to the train station. I had literately 30min to scramble this together. Filmed the unboxing and did some lightning speed shooting. Typing this post on the train lol.  

This month’s theme looks very African inspired. What the heck does this theme even mean? Perhaps some wax for hair removal? 🤔 Anyhow I was too pressed for time to do my normal photo spill, so forgive me for the significantly reduced number of photos.


Like last month, I have done a video version on top of my written post. I must say, I am super proud of my one take zero edit video.

What a loud box from My Little Box this month! Yellow inbox and yellow ribbon! It must be summer fever or something? The card says something like ‘here is joy’; don’t quote me, my French is pretty bad. Waxing cannot be joyful, started to think that I am totally guessing this box wrong.
No sash bag again. I am sad. On top of that, this month’s beauty products upset me big time. In the order of me pulling out the products:

Le petit Marseillais body lotion for very dry skin full size

Doriance (edible pills for bronzing)

My Little Beauty creme blush

Seriously? This box is on par with pushing me to unsub. That body lotion is something that is readily available in supermarkets nationwide. It is one of the most sold household brand. Why send something that is so uninspiring. How does that tie in with the theme?!?!?!? Besides, I don’t use body lotions, but that is more on me than MLB.
I have nothing to say about those bronzing pills. I have no interest and I only believed sunscreen. Straight to the bill is likely once I get back from my holidays.
The creme blush is a bit better. I like creme blush. The colour is a neutral pink. I didn’t have time to swatch it yet. It is so far the only item that have my attention.

Time to pray that the lifestyle products will be a saving grace…

So not for me. Where is the wax? Isn’t the multicolour wax beads more appropriate for the theme. So not feeling it. And that accessories hanging effort is a no. Hanging non precious metal jewelery or accessories in the open accelerate oxidation. No thanks.
So in conclusion, this box is a no thank you / consider unsub. Bad surprised and poor value for money. Rachel, you’re right to unsub! This month is a monstrosity.


Salut, I am Joyce. 40 something living in Paris. Appreciate little things and share giggles. Prudent, no nonsense reviews. #ExploreLaughRepeat


  1. Wow, you sure are dedictated to getting this post up on time! I normally keep parcels unopened for a few days… 😛
    Wax Mania is a dumb “theme”…
    What the heck is Doriance edible pills for bronzing? Like, when you consume them, your skin will turn bronze?!!! 😮 WHAT.
    I will still scold you for not using body lotion!
    The necklace is probably my favourite thing in this box.
    What a lame box – I do like the vibrant design though.

    • Wahaha, so you hoard parcels? 🤣😂

      The necklace is Rachel’s pick too.

      Come on, body lotion is too much work. I’d rather drink an extra liter of water.

      The colour thing, I am not that happy either. I grew up in South Africa. This type of African inspired goodies really doesn’t excite me much. EU style is exotic to me haha

  2. I think the wax is to do with the batik type patterns, but yet again I don’t see how that relates to anything else!
    I really like the lifestyle bits but the beauty bits this month are a total bust, I was tempted to resub cause I love that necklace but unless the U.K. Contents were significantly better on the beauty side I’m not going to!
    I applaud your dedication pre holiday!

    • The British beauty stuff is a disappointment too – I got the blush (which is very nice, admittedly), Batiste hairspray (again) and a sample sized Bare Minerals serum. They also forgot to send me the necklace so I’ve had to e-mail them. It feels like they’ve not bothered with the beauty stuff this time and they’re just doing a stock clearance. I can’t comment on one half of the lifestyle products yet so can’t even say if it’s worth re-subbing but this box definitely left me feeling flat.

      • Oh that’s crap! That’s exactly the reason I unsubscribed. I love that bare minerals serum (I guess it’s the same one they’re doing a big push on at the moment!) but I wouldn’t resub just for that, especially as I can never be bothered with cream blushes!

      • I totally agree. The beauty products are soooo floppy for me this month. 100% drugstore and zero excitement. Yours is better though 😍 BM serum is interesting. This box made me quite angry. I felt as if I wasted money for junks. 😥

        Sorry that yours is missing goodies, that’s so annoying. Hope your parcel rock up soon 😘

    • I can send you the necklace and the accessories hanger if you want, or I give them to you when you come to Paris? Will be glad for them find a better loved home.

      You write your blog during lunch break! You work way hard. High praise from you 😘😘😘 thank you 😄 made my day

  3. Edible pills for bronzing?! What?? I’ve never subscribed to this box but I always think it looks like they’ve just thrown things together at the last minute! Maybe it’s finally time to unsubscribe?

    Molly xxx

    • Hey, Molly 😘 exactly, what the hell is with those pills. They used to be quite put together. No idea what’s happening these days. So frustrated. I am on no buy, subscription box is my only fix. I don’t know. Maybe I look around for a new box? Sigh. You’re right, time to consider unsub.

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