Stunning museum right next door to Louvre (well 15min walk). It’s a painting museum. Claude Monet lover alert. This is where you’ll find those 5m wide Monet painting in a sci-fi-ish looking white room.

The strength of their mysteriously cold air conditioner is mention worthy. I don’t know the actual temperature, but sleeves and a light jacket is probably a good idea if you decide to stick around for hours. My exposed legs were pretty numb from coldness.

Get lost in the world of Monet… it took me a while to realise that it was a pond… like I said before, I have no art cell. The trick is look at them from far away.

I found some of the “guards” amusing. Supposedly they’re trying to keep people quiet, but then some of them shouted to get people to be quiet. Wahahaha. Due to their frequency, she kind of caused more noise than anyone else combined. Visitors in general are quiet. The environment was already okay calm; perhaps the guards need to chill out? haha I don’t know, it was just an observation.

I have added extra contrast to this painting to make the reflection more obvious. haha it is for my own ease. Painter: Claude Monet. Permanent collection.

I visited this museum after the Musée Monet Marmottan, so I was slightly more experienced with impressionistic art. I could certainly identify what I was looking at better 😛

Not much to say besides beauty in abundance. How about just looking at my photos and short videos (under 1min) instead? Here are my favourite paintings.

By Paul Klee, 1932. No idea what I was looking at. I knew that this guy had plenty of patience though. Masterpieces from the Bridgestone Museum of Art in Tokyo, Ishibashi Foundation Collection 5 April – 21 August 2017
Zao Wou Ki, 1985. I adore this painting for unknown reason. The colours were so calming to look at. No idea what the theme was. Masterpieces from the Bridgestone Museum of Art in Tokyo, Ishibashi Foundation Collection 5 April – 21 August 2017
Portrait of Madame Paul Guillaume by Marie Laurencin in 1924. Yes, the painter was a woman! All her painting has a pastel colour scheme, very easy to recognise. Permanent collection.
Painted by a Japanese guy! The style is super western? I am mesmerised by this painting. She looks so feminine and vivid. Painter: Takeshi Fujishima 1902 Masterpieces from the Bridgestone Museum of Art in Tokyo, Ishibashi Foundation Collection 5 April – 21 August 2017
By Chaim Soutine. The painting was named, “The young English”. This was the most logical painting name ever! She looks so cheeky and defiant. Such humour in a painting. Permanent collection


To be fair, all the paintings looked better in real life. This museum was a total delight.



Piano / Classical concerts are held in the oval rooms!!! Visit their official site to see if there’s tickets available. Around 40 euro per person, so worth it! Painting and music, what’s more can one ask for? The environment is just (speechless).


Where was I?

Musée de l’Orangerie

Jardin Tuileries, 75001 Paris

Closed every Tuesday

Entrance fee: 9 euro / adult

EU citizen 18-25 is 6.50 euro, free for under 18

Free entry for all every 1st Sunday of every month

Please visit official site to verify entrance fees & opening hours (just in case things changes):

As a local, it maybe interesting to consider the yearly card (Carte Blanche), especially if you’re between 25-35 years old. For 25euro, one has unlimited access to Musée de l’Orangerie AND Musée d’Orsay!

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  1. I never got the chance to go to this museum. The Monet looks wonderful! Didn’t know it was so close to the Louvre. 🙂

    • Do visit next time when you visit Paris 😃 musée d’orsay is close by too. Paris and its 130 museums are waiting for you xox

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