I am a big HK food fan! Curry fish ball, waffle, shui mai, grilled squid, stir fry noodle with sweet sauce, wonton noodle, beef noodle, almond tea… my list rages on :9 yum yum yum. This is a total food porn show down post.

3N5A1919 HK waffle in the making. Street food. Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. 3N5A0019 3N5A0226
3N5A0225 3N5A0230 3N5A1896 3N5A17433N5A1742 3N5A17483N5A1747 3N5A17453N5A1786 3N5A1789

Admittedly, the chicken feet is a bit more challenging. But… the rest? These calorie laden food has it all going for me. My favourite is that waffle!!! Butter, peanut butter, condense milk! An absolute coma inducing knock out!!

While the HK coast line is a charmer, the food completely steals the show (to me at least).

**I ate all of the above. Burp. Ops.*

What is your HK food fix?

Where to find these treats?

All over Hong Kong!!! I felt that Kowloon peninsula has more choice though.

Most snacks on a stick is under 80p (HKD7)

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  1. wow! you really know your way around my city! : D I love the waffle too! Sooo delicious! I know I am going to miss it when I relocate in 2 months.

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