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Perseverance has a name, Palais Ideal – Hauterives, France

Sheer inspiration. Palais Ideal is the embodiment of perseverance. Postman, Ferdinand Cheval, born of humble beginnings with no art education built this in the course of 33 years using only his spare time. Madness has a name too it seems.

The late Ferdinand Cheval (1836 to 1924) was just a normal guy and was one day inspired because he tripped over a rock. He kept the rock and found more rocks the following day… What comes next is as per the below pictures.

DSC_0114_1441388025806 DSC_0111_1441388029019 DSC_0158_1441388027887DSC_0084_1441388033887 DSC_0090_1441388028843 DSC_0083_1441388028515 DSC_0138_1441388027707 DSC_0140_1441388024587 DSC_0165_1441388025464 DSC_0110_1441388024247 DSC_0169_1441388024364

He walked 18 miles a day doing his rounds and still built this colossal of art in his spare time (33 years). I am ashamed to ever say that I have no time for the gym. This visit was so inspiring.

Conclusion: Be strong, be stubborn, your madness can be the next palais ideal.

How to get here?

Postman Cheval’s Ideal Palace
8, rue du Palais
26390 Hauterives – Drôme, France
Tel +33 (0)4 75 68 81 19
Fax +33 (0)4 75 68 88 15

By car is the best, but otherwise taxi or bus from Saint Vallier / Romans sur Isère train station.

By bus is hard work, but possible. Refer to:

Warning… very little English around here. Have your google translate / grab a French to tag along is strongly advised.


Photos: Sony Z3+, Cannon 6D (portrait only),  Sept 2015

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  1. So surreal! Reminded me of beautiful Sri lankan temples, Gaudi, Borobudur, Dali all at the same time. Fantastic photographs Joyce!

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