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French 101: how to Raclette?

No matter how popular this ‘activity’ is in France. It was actually of Swiss origin. The just of raclette is… eat as much melted cheese as humanly possible. Welcome to my new series about how to integrate better in France! I hope this series will capture my journey as a new immigrant here in Paris.

Hyper Japan 2016 London

Craziness and I turned mega tourist haha. It was a day of Japanese food, games, cute stuff and cosplay. I liked this type of festival or exhibitions. It brought people together and acted out on their imagination in an environment where nothing was too crazy. In fact, go big or go home. This is a photo heavy post.

Intensive French course… my in-laws

Right now (time of writing), I am at my hubby’s grandma’s. This course means ‘business’. I am in Prefailles, a seaside French town. It is more like Intensive PLUS infinity crash course. O, and I am alone without my husband. Let’s review on what I have learnt during my 10 days immersion course. I summarised them into 3 points.