This is the part 2 to Versailles Palace post, that estate is just too huge to be covered by a singular post. Grand Trianon is known for its pink marble corridor, The Peristyle, that links its 2 wings. The distance between the main palace and Grand Trianon is around 2km; it felt more like 3km walking in the “lovely” winter wind. There are some golf cart available so you won’t have to walk all the way, but hey, what’s the fun in that? 😛 This post was in draft mode for way too long. I found out that I forgot to publish this when I was writing about the Petit Trianon LOL So excuse me for the winter looking situation.


Grand Trianon Palace, in short, this was where Louis XIV’s mistress,  Mme de Montespan, lived. This pink marble palace was commissioned by Louis XIV to get away from court living. Just to be clear, Marie Antoinette was married to Louis XVI, a different Louis. The Grand Trianon was completed in 1687 (architect: Jules Hardouin-Mansart); it only took 17 years. To be clear, Louis XVI gifted Marie Antoinette Petit Trianon (architect: Ange-Jacques Gabriel). Although the names maybe similar, the 2 have zero resemblance.

The Peristyle - Grand Trianon, the pink marble palace, Versailles. France
This famous corridor is . A fancy name for a fancy piece? Full glam, no expense spared. Real pink marble was used over here.

I have the annual card for Versailles Palace, so I have unlimited access for the full year. Basically, I get to visit Versailles in the slowest way possible wahaha. It is the lack of FOMO. For a day visitor, to access Grand Trianon, the fee is 12 € if you don’t have the Versailles passport (day pass for full access of the entire estate). If I have to pay for this entrance separately, I am not sure if I would be willing to pay. There’s not that much going on inside the estate? I find Petit Trianon way more interesting. I maybe bias, because I tend to have a disdain for anything that’s to do with mistresses?

Grand Trianon, the pink marble palace, Versailles. France
This photo looks cold, right? Well, it was. Close to zero with winter wind 😛 fun, right?
Salon de Chapel - Grand Trianon, the pink marble palace, Versailles. France
Salon de Chapel
The Louise-Philippe Family Room - Grand Trianon, Versailles Palace, France
The Louise-Philippe Family Room
Grand Trianon, the pink marble palace, Versailles. France
I really loved this Chinese table, but totally forgot which room I spotted this beauty 🙁 Sorry, my bad.
Cotelle Gallery - Grand Trianon, the pink marble palace, Versailles. France
Cotelle Gallery – a lot more chilled and enjoyable than the Hall of Mirrors (refer to my Versailles Palace photo, it was more like hall of people).



So that’s it for this post 😀 Thank you for reading.


For serious history buff, the official Versailles Palace website has a bunch of information:


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