Food hike… probably only in Hong Kong

Lamma Island, Hong Kong.Lamma Island, Hong Kong. Phontography

This is one inexpensive, but intense food coma experience, I mean hike.

Food sampling, with the hike as an option... Lamma Island, Hong Kong

Food sampling, with the hike as an option… Lamma Island, Hong Kong. Phontography.

Based on a tourist guide (picked up from the HKG airport), Lamma Island is good for hikes. Also, thanks to a local, she showed me around. XOX you know who you are 😛

Little did I know, Lamma Island’s hike was food coma causing. Literally, there were food stalls every 5 minute of the way. As a tourist, I was obliged to try these lovely local treats. This hike was weight gaining stuff. Depends on how talented you are, maybe you can even eat at ALL stalls lol. I never made it to all of them.

(1) HK curry fish ball 鱼蛋 and some other dim sum 烧卖

鱼蛋 & 烧卖 HK local food

鱼蛋 & 烧卖 another local HK specialty. Curry fishball and Dimsum. Phontography

(2) Waffle HK style

Inside is loaded with button, peanut butter and condense milk... A classic HK local food (how do they stay thin?)

Inside is loaded with butter, peanut butter and condense milk… A classic HK local food (how do they stay thin?)  Phontography

(3) 鸡蛋仔 – some more sweet pastry

鸡蛋仔, Hong Kong

鸡蛋仔 in Chinese. No idea what it is called in English. Phontography.

(4) Grilled / dried squid

Hong Kong local food

Dried squid & grilled squid, 鱿鱼丝 Phontography

(5) Honey tea. Okay, I was coma already, forgot to take this photo.

(6) Ar Po Tofu, apparently quite famous. The shop owner was a Shanghainese guy.

Hong Kong local food

建兴阿婆豆腐花 soft bean curd in a sweet soup (cold). Phontography

Hong Kong local food

As you can see in my eyes… I was in sugar high giggles. Phontography

and still some more ZZZzzzzZzz (sugar high) on the way. I could no longer…

I don’t need to say much more, right? Do the ‘hike’ yourself. Anyways, Lamma island is really pleasant for getting away from the buzzling HK city. Food coma isn’t just exclusive for Christmas (or Easter).

Beside the exotic hike, the island also has a lot of seafood to offer. Yeah, more food.


Hong Kong Food

Dried salty fish. Apparently good to mix with plain steam rice. (it smells really strong….)

Hong Kong food

Fresh seafood, Lamma Island, Hong Kong

If you are all food out, there is a beach as well. (you can barbeque here as well if you’re still in fact hungry)


Food coma…. zzzZZZZz




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    • The deep fried insects were a bit much for me too. Scary part is that French gourmet new serves them. They’re called ‘entomophagy’. Trust the French to posh anything up 😉

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