Authentic French cuisine cooking experience, full house French chefs with full on Franglais 😛 or just straight French. If you are serious about cooking, you must know French, right? Chefs are super cute.


The class includes 1 free drink. You can choose to take it when you arrive 19h00, while you’re cooking or when you eat at around 21h15. Each person gets equipped with  a chef hat & Bocuse apron (I love it so much that I bought one).


Goal of the class: cook a classic 3 courses Bocuse meal

  1. Soupe aux truffes noires Élysée
  2. Filets de Poisson en Écailles Croustillantes
  3. Fondant de chocolat


Problem: cook all 3 courses simultaneously, work with foie gras/truffle/valrhona chocolate/cut shallots into equal size dice/cut mushrooms into equally thin slices… For the actual recipe, click here: Recipe

institut paul bocuse cooking class-2021institut paul bocuse cooking class-2069institut paul bocuse cooking class-2076institut paul bocuse cooking class-2079

Cooking up a storm & 2 hours later…


C’est l’heure du a table!!!!

institut paul bocuse cooking class-2093institut paul bocuse cooking class-2122institut paul bocuse cooking class-2119institut paul bocuse cooking class-2130

I am so glad that I attended the class. I appreciate French food so much more.

After the class, I have certainly found the chef in me. I will now go out to buy a bunch of mushrooms and shallots to practice.

Thank you for the inspiring experience! Merci beacoup~~~~

P.S. Apparently, once a upon a time, Bocuse himself was thin… This is very difficult to believe.

I do not own this photo. This photo of Remy & Paul Bocuse is from

How to get there?

Institut Paul Bocuse, Shanghai

379 Baotun Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

保屯路379号法国罗阿大区展馆4楼 (近中山南路)


I recommend taking the subway. The traffic in Shanghai is dire and when it rains… NO taxi ever!

Subway station: South Xizang Road

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  1. Thank you Joyce for this great moment with all of you ! Juan and me had a lot of pleasure doing this class.

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