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8 things I miss Shanghai

Caught the nostalgia bug today while visiting Hong Kong. It has been 2 years since I’ve officially left Shanghai! Those 8 crazy years in Mordor (locals called it ‘modu’ 魔都). Shanghai was glitsy, cosmopolitan and pure madness. Funny enough, I only miss 8 things about Shanghai. None of them are particularly glamourous.

Ancient Chinese make over – Shanghai

Besides Maiko-san, I have also tried the Tang dynasty Chinese make over 🙂 I must say, although I could breath better in these outfits, my neck got all the pressure. See my crazy vein sticking out? Yup, it’s the weight. Head piece: 2 kg Wig: 1 to 2 kg My hair was quite short (& curly) and they managed to make straight smooth buns and rolls… plus a sea cucumber hair do. This was a true make over haha.

Asian ‘Venice’ in Shanghai 朱家角

Went to this water town with my ex-boss and husband as my farewell 🙂 I am a lucky girl, my boss and colleagues were all sweethearts. This is only a 90min drive from downtown Shanghai. Great for a get away from the urban jungle. Note, this is not an escape from the crowds. This is still China with its 1.4 billion people.