Yup, it’s possible. It took me 30min to find my room. LOL Sheradon Cotai has 4001 rooms. Sufficed to say that I was bewildered by this 5 star hotel experience. Welcome to Cotai, Macau!


Amazingly HUGE!!! Cotai was CRAZY. It was endless hotels linked with neverending shopping, casinos and entertainment. There’s not much to pick on  with a 5 star hotel of this scale. Here’s my highlights:

  1. Kungfu Panda breakfast *denied 🙁
  2. Dreamworks characters (love)
  3. Got lost looking for my room.


Okay, the kungfu panda breakfast was PACKED! I did not book in advance as this was a spontaneous trip 🙁 So yes, I was denied (cry). I want kungfu panda dimsum sooooo bad.

Photo is from Sheraton’s official site

In my distress, I found other dreamworks characters. It was a great pick me up / feel better moment. Ooooo and they have kungfu panda class too. Too bad that I’m 20 years above their age limit. I made a point to tweet to Sheraton “demanding” to know why there’s an age limit to the Kungfu panda class. I mean, that was out right ageism / discrimination. Sheraton has not replied back.

Yes, this is review. Here’s the photos of the standard double room. It is a 5 star hotel. 300+ count satin weave cotton sheet was a standard, fluffy cotton robes, loads of amenities and a portable device with traveling tips. Moderate, consistant water pressure shower. I mention water pressure because I’ve experienced hell shower from Westin hotel. Fab story for another time LOL

Sheraton is a lot less opulent compared to its neighbours – Venetian and Parisian. The decoration here is still pretty continental and not over the top.sheraton-macau-6845.JPGFinally, what’a little hotel review without some of my classic drama? I got lost wahahaha. Here is a short video of me “finding my room”. You will see from my video just how crazy the facilities was in this hotel.


  • Buses are for FREE. Courtesy of a bunch of mega hotels in Cotai. Watch out for hotel sponsored buses for free round the town transport.
  • Book for Kungfu panda breakfast in advance to avoid disappointment like me.
  • Guests enjoy a bunch of discount with various stores, restaurants and spa. Check the leaflet in the room for details.
  • Dreamworks characters have SCHEDULE. Check their meet and greet time.
  • Bottled water is unlimited and FREE of charge. Grab one before going out to sight see. Bottled water sells for around USD3 in the touristy areas.
  • If you’re dying for some tea and don’t want to fork out USD10, you can sit down to gamble a bit (even the USD0.01 machines). Tea and coffee is free for all who gambles. *LOL*


Where was I?

Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel

Estrada do Istmo. s/n, Cotai, Macau


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I got aunty’s permission to post 😀 Here’s a selfie from outside The Parisian hotel, Macau.

This hotel stay was a treat from a childhood friend and his mom. Known him since 1996. Thank you, bro 😀


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  1. Well, I´ve never been to Sheradon Cotai and no I can´t believe ithas 4001 rooms! Wow! I loved living in Macau and its grown since I left a few years ago.

  2. Hey, this looks like so much fun! I would love to do this some time but I’m worried it might be too pricey! ????

  3. Oh man, if I went to this hotel, I’ve probably never leave the premises. LMAO that you tweeted to the Sheraton about ageism re: Kungfu Panda class! 😆
    You look so bewildered wandering around that complex! I agree with you – gambling is depressing! That’s why Las Vegas and Macau do not hold much appeal to me. I love shopping but I’d rather go elsewhere without so much tackiness!

    • Sheraton still hasn’t replied to me *LOL* clearly they didn’t take me too seriously wahahah

      BEWILDERED! That’s the word! I was so speechless. Wasn’t sure why I was getting depressed. Ja, I feel the same way about gambling. I feel depressed looking at other people gambling. I love shopping at small streets when the weather is good 🙂

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