Mutianyu 慕田峪 萬里長城 in December was just great. Quiet and not that many people – less than 100? This was my 4th time up on the Great Wall and by far the quietest I’ve seen.

great wall of china

This was taken during summer time.
This was taken during summer time, August.
This was taken in December.
This was taken in December.

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My Viking friends were the statement of fitness… so we ended up walked all the way. I thought my butt had instant growth after that hike.

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Although Mutianyu 慕田峪 has the best quality amongst all the sections, it is not as well developed for tourism as Badaling 八达岭 and Jinshanling 金山嶺. *i.e. Mutianyu has less crowds, less food choices, more remote. Simatai 司馬臺 is the steepest. If you want to lose weight, knock yourself out over there.


Above is the picture of my sandwich that I bought from a cafe near my hotel. They don’t sell food up on the wall. In order for me to achieve my goal of food porn everywhere, I had to bring something along.

My favourite part is the sliding cars 🙂 This is the fastest (fun) way to get back down.

This photo was taken from Badaling side of the great wall. Mutianyu has sliding cars too. It looks like I forgot to take photo when I was at Mutianyu.

How to get here?

Mutianyu 慕田峪 萬里長城

By bus / taxi / car

Expect a 2.5 hour ride from central Beijing. I highly recommend hiring a private car if you’re not travelling solo. The whole taxi tries to rip off / bargain situation is too stressful.

For this trip, we were a party of 6. So we hired the big car from

Upon arrival, you can either take the cable car up or walk up. The walk is really not that bad, 40~50min type, but all stairs.

group selfie, great wall of china, mutianyu
This was taken during summer time, August.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the information and photography. I will never live to walk on the wall but your pictures have given me a sense of being there.

  2. This is great! We need some inspiration to head to the Great Wall from Shanghai but don’t want to fight the crowds 🙂

  3. Always wanted to do that trip, thanks for sharing! i’m taking note of your travel advice, I wonder if uber works over there. Best,

    • Thank you for reading, ‘’ 😀 China has its local ‘uber’. Their one is called kuaidadi @ Do organise the return trip before going though. There are these ‘fishing’ drivers that rip off stranded tourists.

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