Gourmet Chinese food enjoyed within the Summer Palace itself. This ass-kicking hotel restaurant had it all going – the traditional deco, the service, the ambience and the location. Different from most Chinese restaurants that I’ve been, this one was quiet and the waitron knew what service was. Honestly, after 8 years of bad service in China, this place was a paradise found.

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This was more of a splurge. A lunch with 2 dishes + drink cost around USD70. In Beijing, 2 dishes + drink normally cost around USD20 (shopping mall restaurant). Price refers to Chinese cuisine in Beijing only.

The food was WORTH it. Succulent, aromatic, flavoursome whatever other sexy food words.

**This is a hotel, but book in advance is essential. Who doesn’t want to have the ‘a night in Summer Palace’ experience, right? If you can’t cope with hard bed, better tell them in advance.

How to get here?

By taxi / car.

Aman Summer Palace




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  1. Yum! Those photos look amazing, and the decor is beautiful. That’s a true dining experience.

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