These are my permanent carry-on bag residents when I have a check in luggage:

  1. Eye cover – ZZZZzzzzZZZZ
  2. Air pillow – ZzzZZZ
  3. Ear phones with adaptors – I hate those weird ones that they give out during the flight. I
  4. Sample sachet – cleansing oil, washing gel, toner, moisturiser, sun screen, lip gloss. This is my key to looking fresh when I land, even after a 13 hours flight.
  5. World traveller adaptor (with 2 USB port) & line
  6. Portable battery
  7. 1 pair of clean socks & underwear – the main luggage get lost in action / goes to the wrong country etc…
  8. Plaster – I get paper cuts frequently 🙁
  9. Pen in black and blue – each custom has a different preference
  10. Nintendo 3DS

Passport, wallet, keys & cell phone is part of the list, but I forgot to place it for the photo. Well that and the camera that I was using to take the photos.


Where to buy these items?

See through bag, 19.5cm x 15cm – Muji

Paris bag, 26cm x 20cm – LOQI

  1. Eye cover from Muji, mine is 5 years old, they have a newer version now
  2. Pillow – Daiso, the JPY100 store. I don’t know if they have still. I bought this 3 years ago. It was under USD1, so I replace it whenever I feel it is dirty
  3. Dual colour earphones & adaptor – Akihabara, Tokyo. I bought the adaptor from a electronic store in the HK airport. Can probably buy this from any electronic store?
  4. Sample sachets – all the convenient stores in Japan sells them. Lawson, Family Mart etc or any drug stores. Otherwise, many brands give them out for free. The lippie was from
  5. World traveller adaptor & line – mine is the old version, the new available on Go Travel. The line is from Belkin, they come in many colours. I got mine 3 years ago.
  6. Portable battery – Akihabara, Tokyo
  7. Socks & underwear – I am not sharing 😛
  8. Plasters – any supermarket or drug stores
  9. The blue one is from Pilot and the white one is a Swaroski.
  10. Nintendo 3DS – Amazon? or any electronic toy stores? I bought mine from Akihabara in Japan. Mario cover is sold separately to the 3DS.

What’s in your carry-on bag?

**I bought all these items for personal use. I do not gain economical benefit out of any clicks.


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