South Africa
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Table Mountain, Cape Town

Symbol of Cape Town and my compass (towards the mountain = towards town). It is a daily beautiful sight for Capetonians.


Table Mountain – 1 of the 7 natural wonders in the world

Feature: Naturally flat top mountain, 1086m above sea level. It hosts 1470+ rare and endangered  floral species.


If you are in town and have your eyes set on Table Mountain, this is what you have to know:

  1. Cape Town is very windy and the weather changes like mood swings… The cable car / hike is only available (or safe) is when the weather is behaving.
  2. Stay vigilant and check the official site to find out if all is good for the visit. **It is literately checking every 30min hoping for the wind to change. I know it sounds psycho, but that’s what Capetonian hosts need to do for for their guests. Don’t be fooled by the all smooth operation; chances are the trip takes persistent weather checking to succeed.
  3. Be prepared to change your schedule to accommodate the Table Mountain trip. If the weather is good, ditch whatever you’re doing and dash to the table mountain.
  4. Bring with you a wind breaker… Cape Town is city of the wind… Up on the table mountain, you get twice the wind?
  5. Do not smoke on the table mountain please.  The mountain on fire is a memory that no one wants to remember… think animals running for their lives while their tails were on fire. Cigarettes are just high risk items.
  6. Do not feed those cute looking rodent, ‘dassie’. They only look friendly 😉

From the top, this is the view…

On the way down…

The above points are from my personal experience. I lived in Cape Town for 8 years and visiting Table Mountain has always been a careful operation. That wind is just totally crazy and the weather is just as unpredictable.

How to get here?

Table Mountain, Cape Town. South Africa

DIY driving is recommended. Again, SA’s public transport is not fab…

If you can’t drive, City Sight Seeing Bus is likely the most reliable for getting there.

The cable car is quite expensive for local South African R240/adult (return), but with Zuma (the president) speaking like a raving lunatic, the rand is super weak. The cable ticket price is something like £10 per adult for a return trip.

Official site:


**I don’t own the featured photo. souce – *I myself have never capture a dassie (the cute looking animal) on camera, they’re just too quick for me 😀


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  1. Wonderful post, thank you! I loved my visited to the Table top! I have used your post as inspiration for my photo blog post scheduled for Friday. I have linked it back to you. Please keep an eye out! I hope you like it!


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