Fresh here on the blog, make up! Well, this is more of a ‘what to pack’ post. Here is the thing, I am VERY lazy. Maximise travel time & minimise weight. Here’s my 5 products only make up tip. It works especially well for long haul flights 😉 or anyone who is lazy like me.


The logic behind my 5 products only program

Foundation product x 1 ==> Even out the complexion freshen up the entire face. Light to medium coverage is preferable. Especially for long haul flights, the look is fresh, holiday skin; not flawless.

*If there’s lots of thing on your face that you cannot bear then bring a concealer *you’ll need to deduct a product from the other categories 😛


Brow product x 1 ==> If you have okay with your natural brows, feel free to skip and add product in another category.


Eye product x 1 ==> Either an eye pencil or a mascara. For blond / light lash friends, I recommend mascara more than eye pencil. Framing the eyes bring radiance to the look.


Cheek product x 1 ==> Radiance. Radiance. Radiance. No matt choices please. Sheer or low on pigment will make life a lot easier. Light weight & comes with a usable brush / applicator is preferred.


Lippie x 1 ==> Obviously.

Pick your favourites to travel with you 😉 5 min and one should be out the door to explore. This is my tight and compact packing method. For most trips I travel with 5-10 makeup products.

Bourjois healty mix foundation 52, Majorlica Majoca brow pencil BR771, Majorlica Majorca Lash expander mascara blue, Benefit Dandilion Blush

Lazier yet, watch my 23sec youtube to see my before and after with each step 😉

Or my very first ‘tutorial’ on Youtube 😉 12min video

Here are some of my previous travel combos. Each has caption with exactly what the item shade is where applicable.

L’oreal lumi magique cushion foundation 03 vanilla, Dejavu mascara, Majolica Majorca jewel pencil, Benefit dandelion, Clinique chubby stick 02 whole lotta honey
My long haul flight favourite: Clarins Instant Light peach, Benefit dandelion, Majorlica Majorca brow sword BR771, Aube RS415
Primavista multi cover base, Primavista eye concealer (it’s more like a colour corrector to me), Majolica Majorca lash expander mascara blue, Benefit dandelion, Misha m melting moisture lipstick OR02
Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation 52 (it is on the heavy weight side, but very buildable and therefore versatile ;)), Benefit dandelion, Laura Mercier cavier stick in amethyst, Heroine long and curl mascara, Rouge Dior promenade **this is my repurchase, so it is still new 😀
Primavista liquid foundation UV ochre 05, Benefit dandelion, Majorlica Majorca brow sword BR771, Heroine long and curl mascara, Dior Addict lip gloss princess
bourjois foundation, benefit, majorlica majorca, mac, makeup
Bourjois City Radiance 02 vanilla, Benefit dandelion, Majorlica Majorca brow sword BR771 and lash expander mascara blue, MAC lipstick peach blossom

Me? Dehydrated combination skin. Only oily on my nose. I am pretty good at blending make up with my fingers. So unless the item is CRAZY pigmented like Marc Jacobs ReMarcable foundation, I apply my foundation using my fingers. Brush or sponge gets counted as 1 item based on my packing system.


Special mention

Dandelion is with me for every trip because it can be used as an all over face luminous powder and blush (low pigment). PLUS it is super light with a workable applicator NB check if the brush smells funny!!! When I repurchased for the 4th time, the brush was smelling funny (like pungent, nauseating smell). I bought it from Boots Oxford street ( London ), which offered an exchange. Issue was that the brush still smelt funny. The one from Harvey Nichols also had the same problem. I did contact Benefit via email. The customer service passed my case to someone else. That person never followed up. The CS was sweet and tried to email the other person again, but their quality department was total BS. It has casted doubt in mind on their quality control. This is my last dandelion due to doubt over quality. I wanted to share this info so that you’ll check the brush before you do make a purchase. You can tell that I’m pissed, right? How bad is it for a travel blogger to have the urge to mention this?


So that’s it from me. Share your favourite travel makeup 😀 If you’re to pick only 5 makeup, what will you take with you?


**For me, in flight carry-on will ALWAYS be just 5, but otherwise, under 10 makeup/related products. I’ve not actually traveled with more than 10 makeup items 😛 Another post about my makeup packing – “Below 10 days toiletries & makeup packing


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  1. My minimum travel makeup kit would have a tube of bb cream with spf (also to be used around the eyes as concealer), an eyeshadow palette with 3-5 shades which can double as eyeliner and eyebrow colour, a stick/pot/compact doubling as blush and lip colour. That’s it, 3 products!

  2. I love this!!!
    Yes, if I can’t bring a separate foundation and concealer, I’d just opt for concealer and sheer it out for foundation. Great tip! Brow product is a must-have for me too. Without brows, I look like an alien…
    If you’re REALLY trying to save space, you could always choose a lipstick shade that can double as cream blush! 😀
    I’m still sore over not picking up that Primavista primer – they were sold out EVERYWHERE.
    That’s so odd about the funky smell of the Benefit blush! I own 3 of their boxed blushes and they’re all ok. But now I’m going to have to pull them out to smell them again when I get home!

    My picks if forced to select 5 products for travel:
    • KATE stick concealer
    • Cargo HD Pressed Powder
    • Shu Uemura brow pencil
    • Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush in Ambre d’or (doubles as blush and eye shadow)
    • CoverGirl Clump Crusher mascara
    I never bother with lip colour – just lip balm is enough for me. 🙂

    And omg you’re too cute in your YT vids. I’ll go comment on those separately! 😉

    • Yey~~ thanks, Stashy 😀

      I agree on that lipstick / cheek stain. I think Canmake’s one is decent.

      O man, ja, I remember you mentioned about not able to buy that primer. Better luck next time? Or try some online stores?

      That Benefit funky brush smell had me obsessed over it. I’ve even tried washing that thing and the smell still won’t go away. Dandelion is (or was) my favourite because of the light weight and convenient packaging, but now with the funny smelling brush, I am not so sure. *LOL* finger crossed for yours to be normal

      I like those Bourjois blushes too!!! My favourite is Lune D’or *they discontinued this and I’m pissed too wahahah

      Hey, lip balm also counts as a product. You have 6 over there 😛

      Aw, thanks for the support on the YT. I was at the verge of not publishing that one *LOL* Filming is soooo awkward.

      • I maintain lip balm is skincare! I refuse to add it to the makeup pile!

        I sniffed the brushes from my Benefit box blushes (I have Hervana, Rockateur, and Dallas) and they were all ok. So odd about yours. And now Benefit has lost a customer with you. 🙁

  3. That blush looks great! I also spotted beautiful PROMENADE 🙂
    If would to take only 5, at the moment those would be:
    • teeez powder
    • clarins lipoil
    • mascara
    • lipstick
    • clarins brow kit that can also be used as a liner and eye shadow if needed


    • Hey, Grieta! Yes, that’s the colour 😀 it makes me happy. Ooooo, I haven’t tried teeez powder before, I’ll check that out. Good thinking on that Clarins brow kit! 😀

  4. That’s awesome! You picked some really versatile make-up essentials. I’ll try the 5 products only rule when I go away next 🙂
    BTW – I love that Boujois Foundation!

    • Thanks 😀 It’s so nice to have feedback. I love that Bourjois healthy mix too. They’ve just launched a new one in France. Not sure if it is just packaging change. Fingers crossed that nothing has changed 😀

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