I walked along the coast from Palm Cove to Clifton Beach, it was a ‘stunningness’ walk. The mesmerising coastline, fine sand, captivating Aussie men (I started to believe that lots of Aussie men possess the Thor genes)… Amazing view all around lol. One way walk was 2.8km. Stunningness!! (free to do) 2 beaches and a stroll all in one 😀

Theoretically, there’s a recommended set path, with some paths through the palm trees and other good stuff. I was real rubbish at reading maps or staying on a path. No matter, I have developed a fool proof way of getting from Palm Cove to Clifton beach… keep the ocean  on the left hand side. That’s it, anyone can find Clifton beach using this method. ????

Can complete the whole walk on the beach. Otherwise, if you follow the path 3/4 is beach & 1/4 in the trees.

It was not my first day in Cairns any more. I’ve now learnt that there’s salt water croc, snakes and several other poisonous residence in the area. Instead of being ignorantly happy, I was just plain nervous. Too nervous? Each time when something rustles in the bush I jumped.cairns-the-marlin-coast-walk-0331.JPGcairns-the-marlin-coast-walk-0345.JPG

Road sign + croc warning signs
Spotted this little guy along the way 😀

Just for laughs. Below is the comparison of my overly vivid imagination and reality.

My imagination
Reality… the road was actually next to a residential tar road

So, the road was really not that wild. It was just me being scared endless. I mean, why did the Aussie government put these croc warning signs everywhere?!?!?!?


It was such a beautiful serene walk. I recommend this to anyone who’s visiting Palm Cove / Clifton beach 😀


This walk can be completed without any shoes. However, if your feet are sensitive to heat or not loving the sand, flip flops will be suffice too.

Wear your swimsuit and bring a towel 😉 swim in 2 beaches in one day 😀

my skinny foot 😛

Where was I?

Palm Cove Beach & Clifton Beach of Cairns, Queensland, Australia

I saw the signs calling the place “Marlin Coast”. Discovered this freebie walk by myself 😀


North beach / Australia does have an official tourism board / organisation. Below are the links. They have awesome high quality photos.

www.tropicalnorthqueensland.org or http://www.australia.com/en/places/cairns.html

Palm Cove beach, a patch outside Pullman hotel. I did not stay at Pullman, I just thought this was a nice shot to take 😉

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  1. I firmly believe every Aussie man is one of the Hemsworth brothers. 😆
    Haha my imagination would work overtime if I was there… likely my SO will bundle me into a Hazmat suit wrapped in a big bubble, doused in bug repellent. 😛

    • Wahahahah yes, the Hemsworth is a great benchmark 😛

      Seriously, even that 60+ looking lifeguard had a studly body. I just couldn’t help but perv *LOL*

  2. I’ve never been to Australia, but my husband spent most of a year backpacking there before I met him. I know enough from his stories to be both fascinated and terrified by the country. Hopefully I will be fortunate enough to travel there some day!

    • Hi Lingyun, thank you for dropping by. Best wishes to you for the New year and I wish for you to visit Aussie soon 😉 xox

  3. Great photos and story Joyce. The reason those Croc warning signs are there is because there are crocs about. They tend to hang around in rivers and creeks , but do tend to drift along the coast with just a tiny bit of snout with breathing holes sticking out of the water. It is safest to walk along beaches and in the rainforest with others and stay in the middle so someone else confronts the beast if its disturbed. On the news today there was a 4 metre croc that had drifted in to a beach near cairns, waddled ashore crossed a road and gone to sleep in someones front yard. When we were first up at Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation 22 years ago there were no warning signs anywhere and no one told tourists in case they did not visit. So at least you were warned!!!!!and you survived all those dangers, Crocs, Cassowary, Buffalo, Taipan, Death Adders drugged Aussies etc etc

    • Thank you, Denis 😀 wahahah I am quite lucky, aren’t I? I did not become lunch meat with all that wild life happening.

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