In line with tradition, it’s a year in foodporn. Here’s my top 10 pick this year. It’s all about how these food make me feel. Nostalgic stuff. Counting my blessings.

Star Cafe. TST, Hong Kong . Old school Hong Kong style French toast.

I was catching up with an old friend, as in we’ve known each other for 18 years sort of friends. We planned to replicate our crazy old days by eating all day long. One of the place that she picked was this old school style HK cafe. Everything was rustic. It made me felt all warm and fussy inside. How amazing is life? Here’s my old friend and her toddler son and there I was revisiting old time fun. I must say, the best tasting food comes from humble places and great company.

Hong Kong streetfood. Pastry roll with sweet sauce & peanut sauce. Calories deluxe. Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

I do have a soft spots for all sort of junk food. This one was another round of meeting up with friend. We meet in Shanghai back in 2008 and there we were meeting up in Hong Kong. sigh it was a fabulous girls’ day out. Thank you, F xox


social by jason atherton-8952
Photo from my post – Social Wine & Tapas by Jason Atherton, London This was my friend’s favourite dish. London

I’ve known J for extensive amount of time too. It’s the odd friend that I get to meet up with all over the world – Asia, Africa and Europe LOL. He jets off all the time. This pal saw me through student life and now married life. This food porn is to us and our unlikely friendship 😛 Cheers, J! Thank you for all your patience with my slow emails.

That glorious pancake & and underwhelming beach *LOL* The Beach Hut, Southend, England

This one was with friends from a cold, cold place. We had a road trip together this summer. Yes, I’m sorry that I still haven’t blogged about this. AMAZEBALL fun time. It was an all out girls road trip. Sweetheart and a half! MUAH!!!! xox Miss you girls already!!!

The General Food Store, Emerald. Victoria, Australia

Hang out with my cousin and have a good laugh while doing a road trip. Priceless moments in 2016! *The General Food Store was a food heaven. I highly recommend it 😀

Noodles Vietnam 面越,天河店 Guangzhou, China

My baby brother was all grown up and treated me to lunch! That trip was our first time having a sibling bonding time. LOL Our age gap is just too huge. What’s not to love about a sibling reunion?

London Cookery School. Dimsum class with William

These are not the best looking dimsums, but they’re handmade by me. So of course, this moment had a special place. The class was my birthday present from my hubby 😀

Pedra Alta, Thiais. Suburb in Paris

A sweetie from London came to visit 😀 Pedra Alta served seriously fresh season. They’re all alive in the tank moments before coming to the table. “I’ll be back” worthy place.

East London Food Tour-8096
Food Tour of East London East London Food Tour review

To thicken the plot, this was with friends visiting from Paris. Priceless moments where we hosted 3 friends in our 2 bed apartment. My friends could eat a lot. True friends indeed. *I stayed in London and move to Paris in Sept.

Bea’s of Bloomsbury. London

This was hubby’s first English afternoon tea. So clearly, this one holds a dear place.


So many wonderful moments captured by food porn this year! Thank you to my friends all around xox



Last but not least… Thank you to my readers for being here!


Happy New Year! May 2017 bring you even more blessings. xox

Great Ocean Road, Australia

Camera: Canon 5D mark 3, Sony Z3+


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  1. I agree, the best tasting foods are from humble places! There’s NOTHING like Hong Kong street food!
    Ooh you made potstickers! Well done!
    We had oysters last night – I love them and finally convinced the SO to try them and now he likes them too. 🙂
    Happy New Year, Joyce! I hope 2017 bring you more food, friends and memories! <3

    • Exactly! HK streetfood rocks! Oyster is my crytonite wahaha and I have gout ????????????

      Thank you for the great wishes, Stashy ???????? same to you. Wish you best of haul luck in 2017 and all the other fabulous things in life. ????????

  2. A great collection Joyce. Once I could eat the lot, but now Fructose Intolerance is a bad culinary companion. Great shot of you and a couple of Apostles in the background. I grew up near the coastnthere at Warrnambool and we often went down there when I was a kid, before the national park and before tourists. it was wild and no people.

    • O wow, things has changed a lot there ???? same in Cape Town, the boulders beach penguins were not fenced off before and now we need to pay to see them.

      Ouch, you’re fructose intolerance? Yoy get itchy / eczema reactions?

      • Mainly troubles in the digestive system if the wrong foods are eaten, the list is long and eating out is rare.

        • On the up side of the things, not eating out means that you know exactly what you’re eating ????

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