Fun and games with food, but don’t joke. French will never joke about food 😉 Gallette des Rois is a traditional dessert ‘game’. There’s a hidden ‘toy’ of sort inside the cake. The person who ends up with the toy is the King. This is a traditional eat for the first New Year weekend; modern way: any time in January or even in December.


How to play?

Send the youngest person to climb under the table (or if the person is not a child, blindfold the person)

Cut the cake in equal pieces

Let the youngest decide who gets which piece e.g. first = Marie, second = Pieter etc.

For safety reason, do not attempt to waffle down your piece of cake. Eat slowly to find the toy 😉

*The idea is to have surprise feeling in your mouth

Whoever finds it is the king and gets a crown 😉


You can either bake your own or buy it from the supermarket (France). Please note to only use food safe toy or toy designed for gallette des rois.


Where we got this Star War badass cake from?

E Leclerc, Pornic

Left to right: Galette de rois, Brioche (modern version) – both are Star Wars themed *LOL* from e Leclarc, France
Regular galette des rois


My information source: Hubby’s grand mother 😀


How about you? Is there anything similar in your country?


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  1. But what if you cut INTO the toy when dividing the cake? 😮
    Nope, we have nothing like this. I like this game! Cake, toy, crown – yes!

    • Haven’t thought of that before ???? that would be a huge problem for the game. Only 1 crown per cake. Wahahha

  2. Very cool, the Star Wars version! ???? In Finland, they hide an almond in Xmas porridge (which is yummy rice porridge) and the one who gets the almond “wins”.

    • 😀 almond in a porridge sounds so much more safe haha 😀 It’s so interesting that each country have their own thing.

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