There are 2 of NGV in Melbourne – NGV Australia and NGV international. Combining both will make the post painfully long. For this post, let’s look at NGV Australia together. Let’s begin our journey by stating clearly that I’m not an artsy person. I have an intensely hard time understanding arts. The history part isn’t the problem. It is normally the feeling part?

By ?? I didn’t spot the label. It is a pretty piece 😀
By Bruce Armstrong


This room was full of serious looking paintings
Faun and Nymph by Rayner Hoff 1924 Sydney. Is that art or fantastical porn in a sculpture form?
Untitled by Robert MacPherson 1977 Brisbane. My feeling was ‘what’?
Untitled by Peter Booth Melbourne 1966-1967 **I’m sorry, why on earth would this take him 1 year to finish? Someone, please explain this time consuming art to me?
By Sally Gabori 2005. The piece on the right is titled ‘all the fish’. I personally don’t really get that, but the colours look happy and make my eyes funny 😛
Come on… What am I supposed to see /feel from this?


This colourful piece reminds me of a cafe in Tokyo where all the food has serious colouring LOL


No matter how low my culture level is, the NGV is a pleasant visit. It’s a fab FREE way to get away from the bustling Melbourne CBD and dive into a world of craziness 😛 The place has 3 levels and there’re plenty of couches lying around.



  • You can leave your coat or bags by the front desk. (Free)
  • All backpacks must be checked in.



Where was I?

The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia

Federation Square, Melbourne


Camera: Canon 5D mark 3


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  1. That red smeary painting evokes feelings of ennui and anxiety for the unknown future… 😆
    Art appreciation is a mixture of BS and self-reflection. Whatever you claim you “see”, it’s true for you and therefore it is valid! 😉
    That colour piece looks like Rainbow Brite went on an acid trip…

  2. Hi Joyce. Hope you looked at the indigenous art on the ground floor, all the traditional carved totems etc. The dots in the Aboriginal dot paintings tell traditional or geographical stories. There are deep spiritual meanings for these works. Also they have appreciated in value from when first coming into the public domain in the early 1970’s. There is some exploitation of tourists in places like Queensland resorts by white Australians but most are done at community locations. My wife and I are members of the National Gallery and regularly visit both sites, the cafes are OK especially the tea rooms in the international. We get discount on everything that costs money at both sites.

    • Hi Denis, yes I did went to the ground floor. My photo of the totems were pretty bad, that’s why I didn’t use those in the post. I had no idea that you’re such an art lover! Yes, I went to the tea room by the international side. That whole ‘forest’ thing was a spectacular experience. Lucky you for all the discount 😀

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