What a town! Sand beach, pebble beach, fishing, rugged coastal line and coves… plus extraordinary wind (yes, surf is possible and no crocs / sharks). Probably not known outside of France, but it is a pretty popular summer vacation town near Pornic, Loire-Atlantique.

Summer coastline

In winter it was so dead; like walking dead amount of human (check my winter post). It was hard to imagine this place being so lively!

Visit the market place with me. The above video is under 2min. Watch to discover my favourite French treat 😉coast-préfailles-france-.JPGThe full coastal walk is 5km. Mega windy… as demo by my hair. It felt a lot longer than 5km because of the serious resistance. The weather changed like 3-4 times a day as well. Rainproof and windproof jacket is a must.

Les Pêcheries
During low tides, one can walk through the “gate”. Refer to the featured photo.

If you still want to see more of the coastline, watch the below video 😉 It’s under 3min.

I didn’t see much hotels around the area. Looks like a bunch of summer homes to me. Better chance with Airbnb for finding accommodation.


Where was I?

Préfailles, Loire-Atlantique

How to get there?

Driving. There’s no train heading this way. Closest train station is Pornic.

Pointe St Gildas. Amazing blue sky and this horrid gray sky all happened in the same day… within 3 hours.

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  1. What a gem – this place looks straight out of a book with poetry!
    I especially love that (almost) black & white low tide photo of the rock.
    PS. Joyce, are you on a blog break?

    • Thank you, Stashy~~ yes, I’m on a blog break. I’m kind of lost for direction at the moment 😛

  2. When we stayed at Yorkey’s Knob beach near Cains there were no signs or local warnings about crocs, BUT the footprints were in the sand. So maybe the locals there are pretending there are no sharks, it could be bad for business.

  3. I meant to say I loved the video, what is the sausage shaped cheese? is that how they are usually made?

    • Aw, thank you, Denis! You’ve made my day. I think you’re referring to saucisson. They’re made of dried / cured meat (usually no organs). Most of them are made from pork. They’re a traditional starter / snack in France. I was just mega excited because the vendors offered a whole bunch of flavours that are not available in the supermarkets in Paris.

  4. Certainly looks like a great place to experience authentic french culture but I wouldn’t cross sharks off the list. Sharks don’t have no go zones along coastlines Joyce. We have had at least 3 more attacks in the last 2 weeks, all survived, (people that is().

    • O really? The locals told me that there’s no sharks ever LOL They thought the water is too cold or something. Yes, I read about the situation over there in Aussie. It’s actually really unusually frequent. Plus that alpha male croc getting shot is just a total tragedy.

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