Yey!!! Received today! Both My Little Box & Japan Fun Box arrived on the same day!!! Great start for the weekend. First off, let’s do the my little box post.

This month’s theme… My Little Bubble Box

Okay, I am thinking bath stuff. I am SO wrong.

‘Bubble’ is more of a balloon (lol)? Cute though.

Love the magazine this month, but it is just wrong to show that online as well, right?

Surprise! 3 x my little beauty (my little box’s private line) product this month! Normally, there’s only 1 per box.

Okay, I almost NEVER brush my curly mane. So the hair brush is underwhelming. But the next product knocks my socks off!

my little box uk march 2016, localgirlforeignland

Yup, it is a application sponge!!! I have been wanting to try one, but the ‘beauty blender’ is just so ridiculously priced and I hate having to wash sponges frequently blah blah blah. This is PERFECT for me to try out. (love) Exactly what I want to try out..

Next items are in that cute little sash bag. Like I said before, I am a sucker for these mini sash bags. I LOVE them for travel purposes & for my various hoarded goods.

my little box uk march 2016, localgirlforeignland

This box is a knock out, best ever box to date! This is my 5th box btw. Take a closer look. Amaze ball products!

  1. Body scrub from Huygens. A product that I need right now. Just perfect timing. I don’t know this brand at all. Will totally try this out tomorrow.
  2. Givenchy noir couture volume mascara. Enough said?
  3. Lip and cheek tint from my little beauty. I am curious about this one. I will compare this with Benefit’s Benetint. I normally use Benetint (original), will be interesting to know if this one makes a good dupe.

my little box uk march 2016, localgirlforeignland

The end! 😀

Where to get this box?

I bought this box myself. No economical benefit for me for any clicks. Leave me a message or click like? That will always make my day 🙂


*Disclaimer: my blog will continue to mainly focus on travel. I am a crazy hag for these small happiness moments. 😀 Thought I indulge a bit and share this as part of my blog.



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  1. Look so cool! I wanted to subscribe this too but i never did lol So it is cool to see it here from your blog!

    I found we have two things in common here! I never brush my hair too, I just use my fingers : P I have very straight, fine hair tho.

    Also, I really wanna try the beauty blender too! And I also think its too pricey for a tear drop shaped sponge =,=

  2. So excited to see a UK exclusive subscription box! 😀 Looks awesome.
    And that sponge looks so much like a beauty blender, I didn’t even realize it wasn’t one.

    • The my little beauty blender is only 2/3 size of the beauty blender. It is mini blender haha 😀 They have a French and a Japanese version of the box. I LOVE the Japanese version. Sadly, they don’t deliver outside of Japan woo woo… 🙁

  3. Neat that you got a Beauty Blender type sponge – I hope you’ll like it. Be sure to thoroughly wet it first, then squeeze out the water, and then blend your foundation with it. 🙂
    You received awesome products! If only they could all be so good… hence why I don’t subscribe to any beauty boxes… 90% are duds from what I can survey. 😛

    • Thanks for the tip! 🙂 I will do that indeed. I know what you mean about subscription boxes. Before I started, I looked around a lot – the birch, glossy etc. Totally agree with you 90% are duds haha I am such a sucker for the ‘monthly surprise’ thing. Been lucky though, for beauty box, I only subscribe to my little box. So far so good 😀 very lucky.

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