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Textile museum – Borås, Sweden

Boras, Sweden, was once a busting textile city. Think factories. Well, now that the labour is too expensive, textile industry became a distant history for Sweden.


I’ve worked in the clothing / apparel business for over a decade now. To me, the museum had a very personally touch to it. There’s honestly nothing glamourous about the making of apparel, but it is an important industry that creates thousand of jobs (factories, shops and offices). The museum has a great touch to put things in perspective.



This building itself was once a factory! How very appropriate for the textile museum! Only 20% of the displays had English when I visited, but some staff did spoke English. It was an overall cosy environment. Interesting exhibition and assorted collections. Great way to visualise how the textile industry had evolved.


How to get here?

Textil Museet

Boras~~ well under 1 hour drive from Gothenburg




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