Beautiful town – beach, great seafood and flat landscape perfect for bicycle ride. Skagen, Northern tip of Denmark.
This was a day trip from Goteborg. Hopped onto the Stena line – Goteborg to Fredrikshamn (3hr 15min ).

Stena line was a large ferry with entertainment, restaurant, bar, souvenir shop and tax free booze. Swedish Government had monopoly over alcohol (Systembolaget), so needless to say, booze was expensive. Stena line was THE solution to cheap booze for any Swede. **I found some children playing the slots machine… It was apparently quite acceptable. I was flabbergasted by the sight.

I am legally not allowed to publish the child’s photo, but I swear I was stunned.

Get onto a local train… (35min)

Town stroll time! Food was a lot cheaper than Copenhagen.

1 foot in Baltic Sea and 1 foot in North Sea… did I mention that it was cold?

Complete the day with some local ice cream 🙂 er… their website has no English. They’re very vocal about adding them on FB and instagram. Opened since 2012. Founder was Julie Skals (a super mom that runs a business and take care of her kids).

Happy day trip completed 😀


How to get here?

Well, I did this via Goteborg (Sweden). My route was:

  1. Stena line – Goteborg / Fredrikshamn 3hrs 15min
  2. Trainline Europe – Frederikshavn / Skagen 35min

or if you’re coming from Copenhagen, it is a grilling 6hr20min


**I didn’t know about this town actually. I was very lucky to have met some Swedes who knew about the place and kindly let me tag along. *you know who you are 😉


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  1. You certainly get around Joyce. One of our best friends lives in Helsinki and another in Stockholm and I have never been there yet.

  2. A beautiful collection of images and such a connecting story to accompany them. Which was colder, Baltic or North?

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