Warm and fussy feeling! Rustic decor, but not the rug and plush sort. Beautiful ambiance for hanging out with friends. It was on the noisy chatter side of things, perhaps not so date friendly despite the dim lighting. We were a group of 6. My friends were previously eating all day long. So it was perfect for trying out tapas without fighting over food lol.

Their cold platter was really tasty. They’re definitely not scared of smelly cheese. Though, my better half said that the cheese were still quite mild (he’s French & a cheese fiend).

la farola london-3967

To me the croquetas de jamon was the winner. Deep fried, light crust… yum~~ close up worth 😀

la farola london-3969

The balance were just not particularly mention worthy? Don’t get me wrong, they were all positively delicious. It just that I had my 2nd or 3rd glass of sangria by then. My memory wasn’t particularly strongly gravitating towards any of the food that followed.

Sobered up by the time it was dessert time, but hey, I was already in a food coma. So no comment from me. I do however recalled that the evening was regrettable because their ice cream was sold out.

The food was overall delicious. Obviously, everything was on the small side of things; hey, this was tapas.


I definitely enjoyed the food and the ambiance at this restaurant. It is in my ‘I will be back’ list of restaurant.


How to get here?

La Farola Cafe

101 Upper Street, Islington,
London N1 1QN

tel: 020 7359 7707


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  1. The place looks nice. I’d probably more interested in the neighborhood and the Sangria of course.

  2. Oooo we’ll have to give this place a try! Just like your other half I (Maria) loooovvvveee cheese. Nifesi won’t be too keen but I see churros and cheese cake, that’s definitely up her street! Great photos as always ????

  3. Next year I will go to London with my father. So, for sure, I will take a try to La Farola Cafe. So, thanks for infos Joyce 😀

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