It was the fight of the Nordic titans over which chef can open oysters the fastest… 16 contestants, 1 victor. Well, actually, I was just drinking bubbles and eating a lot while they worked hard. LOL. Despite sounding a bit ‘petty’, it was a serious annual event held by the West Sweden tourism board.


Anyways, it was spirited event. It was rare to hear cheers or loud anything in Scandinavia, where the population is sparse and people were very composed. Refreshing experience in Sweden. This town normally housed less than 2000 people.

It was high time to wave that flag and show that bit of patriotic colours. Norwegian supporters were the most ‘spirited’ by far – lots to drink and very cheerful. They didn’t win though.

How did I get here?

Grebbastad, Bohuslän Province, Sweden

By bus, but you can drive as well. It took me 2 bus switch to get there… (from Gothenberg) 841–> 860 –> 875, you maybe luckier 😉 2h30 ish for me

For the bus schedule:

I highly recommend getting that regional pass, otherwise it gets quite pricey. The site doesn’t have this in English, but you can buy this from their ticket sales office (or find a friendly Swede to help you).

WARNING: there’s no money / payment happening on the bus. MUST buy the ticket before hand. VERY important.

Official website

The below photos were taken on the same trip which I didn’t quite remember. Hey, had lots of bubbles and oysters. I did this one solo LOL

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