It’s the season! An obvious theme choice and I am sooooo glad that I’ve received this box without any incident 😀 My Little Box (France) actually sent an email to let me know that it is delivered. How fab is that?

my-little-box-december-2016-france-christmas-9457That candy is promptly going to my hubby LOL Although I don’t eat candy, my hubby highly appreciates’s see what’s in the box this month 😀

French is a challenge for me still. I appreciate the Kanako artwork 😛

my-little-box-december-2016-france-christmas-9464So let’s get to the lifestyle goodies…my-little-box-december-2016-france-christmas-9466Excitement goes to the “morning of winter”… Scented candle no. 24. No idea why it is called firewood fire, because it does not smell anything related to that. It smells like dried flowers 😀 It will be in good use for my up coming raclette party (apparently the melted cheese will stunk up my flat). It will be my time hosting a house party in Paris 😀my-little-box-december-2016-france-christmas-9475my-little-box-december-2016-france-christmas-9476Lifestyle product no. 2…

Lou Yetu Bijoux Espiegles x My Little Box

Lovely piece. Atlas, my arm is way too skinny LOL 😛 It is rather well made. Well done, My Little Box team! Haven’t see this brand around before. I looked it up on google The brand looks modern and chic. Good to learn about a new brand 😀

For the 1000th time, I love these sash bags *LOL*

It is now time for the beauty products!!!my-little-box-december-2016-france-christmas-9479-2.JPGThe products are:

  • My little beauty duo smoky eyes shadow
  • Byterry precision waterproof khol pencil in gold ornament (15) full size
  • Narciso Rodrigeuz for her body lotion 75ml

The eye shadow is a winner. That packaging is SOOOOO cute. Does it remind you of the Paul Stuart packaging or what. The 2 shades are easy to wear. Matt neutral brown and satin/mild shimmer mauve taupe. Mega light, fab for travel!my-little-box-december-2016-france-christmas-9488.JPG

If you’ve read my previous box review, I’m sure you can already guess what I’m about to say about the kohl the hell is with the identical duplicated product!?!?!?!?!? Guess what product I hated in this box? **I have written to their customer service asking if I can send them the kohl to exchange for something else. Now waiting for their reply.

13 Dec 2016 update MLB customer service has replied. They’ve kindly arrange to send me a replacement item 😀 and they’ve sent that via Mr Postman. Yey!!! No need to wait for my next box. Soooo kind. I must say, the French communication is pretty good. All the liasions are available on the MLB account. It is easier to keep track of conversations that way.


And finally, the fragrant lotion. It is useful stuff, but not something that I’m excited about.


So that’s it. This concludes this month’s My Little Box review 😀my-little-box-december-2016-france-christmas-9495


Where to get this box?

I bought this box myself. No economical benefit for me for any clicks.

**this is the French MLB



For all my little box UK reviews… click here


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  1. Wow really cute eyeshadow there! and the color looks so practical! What kind of color is the by terry actually? I always wanted to try their stuff but they are not cheap!

    • It was a neutral yellow gold. ???? It’s a khol, nothing to rave about. Admittedly, I doubt that I’ll buy that in the stores. Too expensive for what it is.

  2. In the end they did replace the product although their response was a bit shitty, I have a feeling they only replaced the product as my reply back to them came from my blog email address with my blog signature – oh shit bad publicity, maybe we should sort.
    My eyeshadow arrived smashed this month, they did reply quickly to say they’re sending a new one out this time though!
    I also got the same candle as you, and the bangle is even a bit big for me so I imagine it was huge on you! I’m going to try and get Ben to bend it for me!
    Other than the MLB item, our beauty items are totally different this month!

    • Good to know that they’ll replace your cracked eye shadow. That’s bad luck. (I’m reading your post)

      That bangle is pretty solid 😉 may the force be with Ben 😛

      Ja, I was about to say. Our boxes are very different, except the MLB item. Maybe it’s because mine is the French version? I saw the Japanese ones and they’re different too.

  3. WHAT? You don’t eat candy? How did I not know this about you before? I can’t be friends with people who don’t eat candy. It’s just WRONG. 😮
    The eye shadow duo is a total winner! But oh man… how obnoxious about the ByTerry pencil! Likely CS will say to keep the kohl (which doesn’t solve your problem of having 2 identical products) and they’ll send you something else to appease you.

    • Wahahaha It’s just the Xmas cane candy that I don’t eat *LOL* I do regularly demolish Jap snacks. Please be my friend 😛 wahahahah

      Not sure if MLB will replace / exchange anything for me at this stage. I saw how they replied to Rachael. I’m not that hopeful. *sigh*

      • Phew! Ok, we can still remain friends! I am not wild about candy canes but there are some gourmet ones with interesting flavours that I like. One time, my SO gave me a candy cane that was filled with chocolate. YUM!

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