Amazeball sleep sans ear plugs! 12hrs solid sleep in a dorm, how was that? This hostel had it all going for me. Stay there for 7 days, definitely amongst the best hostel that I have ever been to. It has my ‘I’ll be back’ rating.

My dorm room 😀 3 beds female dorm + private bathroom. The room has aircon + fan on the ceiling



The hostel was 100m or less from the Palm Cove beach!!!

North of Cairns and South of Port Douglas

Idea: Cairns  CBD–> Trinity beach –> Clifton beach –> Palm Cove beach –> Ellis beach –> Port Douglas

Image is from
Image is from

The beach? 1min walk from hostel = Palm Cove beach when it is not jellyfish season

3-5min walk from hostel = Palm Cove beach netted area + lifeguard station

WARNING: serious Aussie wildlife happens all over the show, please ask the local aka Wayne before dashing to the beach or wander around. *refer to my blunder

25min walk along the coast = Clifton beach think palm trees on your right and the endless ocean in your left for the full walk post click here

Dine and chill area?

The closest bus stop was ‘Talpa close’, zone 1, bus #110. This was 1-2min walk from the hostel. Bus was sparse. Either 1 every 30min Mon to Fri or 1 every hour in the weekends.


This place is for beach bums or laid back tourist (like me :P), definitely not recommended for busy scheduled tourist/traveler.
Of the 7 days that I’ve stayed there, only used the bus 4 times.

  • Go to supermarket, zone 1, AUD2.20 (3min)
  • Return from supermarket, AUD2.20 (3min)
  • Go to Cairns city centre, zone20, AUD5.50 (40min when I took the 5h56 bus)
  • Return from Cairns city centre, AUD5.50 (75min when I took the 19h06 bus)

Most day tour provided pick up service in front of the hostel.


Quietness, swiming pool, balance spring mattress, percale bedsheets (hotel grade), outdoor diy barbecue (it’s the all in one, every South Africans dream braai), outdoor or indoor dinning, swimming pool, massive bathroom space (2.5sqm-ish), lazy L-couch, 50inch (or larger? It felt big) TV with National geographic chanel ????… o what else…  did I mention quietness?cairns-beaches-flashpackers-palm-cove-8362


Washing machine AUD5 per usage, 30min cycle

Dryer AUD4 per usage

Both machines only accept AUD1 and AUD2 coins

Wayne sells washing powder in a small box for AUD2
Each visitor is provided with:

  • Fluffy, soft bath towel. SOFTness
  • Small bar of soup
  • Fitted sheet, flat sheet, and fleece blanket
  • 2 x fat pillows
  • Padlock for the small locker in the dorm room
AWB has been adjusted for this photo. This is not a raw pic.


No such thing as perfection, right?

The cutting boards needed more TLC. The chopping boards (all 3) smelt bad. I could smell them the moment I open the drawers. Not good at all. Some had deep cut with black colour stains, pretty gross. Ironically, all the other drawers/utensil were flawlessly clean.

I witnessed some pretty scary cooking skills 😛 That fire blanket was very necessary.  Sorry, that’s mean.


  • After sunset,  walk on tar roads with heavy caution. Snakes love to do their spa on the road. Do not step on a snake, watch your steps.
  • Book the airport bus via Wayne (hostel owner). He has access to a AUD10 discount. Otherwise, pay AUD49 return tickets like me 🙁
  • Wayne knows a lot about what each local tour has to offer (lux and budget options). Ask him for his recommendations. All 3 tours that he recommended to me was fabulous!!!
  • Wave at the bus. Else, they don’t stop even if you’re waiting at the bus stop.
The coach from Cairns airport. Photo was taken at the airport.


Where was I?

Cairns beach flashpackers

**Newbie? This hostel only been around since Sept 2015
This is NOT a sponsored post. I paid for this accommodation. I just feel strongly that this place deserves a huge shout out. I paid AUD39 per night via otherwise, you can also reserve a room via their own website –

** is an affiliated link. If you purchase using that link, I’ll earn a small commission. This will not cost you anything.

Wayne kindly showed me the private 2 bedroom. Below are the photos. I did not stay in this particular room. When my hubby will come with me, I’ll take this up 😀

Photo: 2 bed, private room + bathroom. Clearly, I was not having a great photo day that morning. The weird bit on the right hand side is a mirror. There’s only 2 bed in this room. Against my raw pic practice, I had to edit this photo for a bit. The lighting, the tone etc. everything went wrong for me that day.

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Camera: Canon 5D mark 3 and Sony Z3+


Sipping Australian Afternoon tea (Twinings) and trying hard to be artsy *LOL* Really strong stuff by the way. It definitely wakes me up.

Don’t take my word for it 😛 Below is their score from other visitors


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  1. You got a bargain there Joyce, it looks great. Did you see any taipans, death Adders or King Browns? There are also so extra large spiders hanging out up there in the tropics.

    • I only saw a small snack and a spider the size of my hand. I ran so fast ???????????? no idea what kind they were.

  2. This looks really nice! It’s so cozy especially that seating area. I’m past that phase in my life where I stay at hostels but one of the best hostels I ever stayed at was in Scotland! I don’t remember the name now but it was very trendy, clean and had a welcoming atmosphere. I slept on a bunk bed!
    Hostel life is interesting – the commune lifestyle but with no common objective. At one hostel, I ate Raisin Bran cereal the entire time so I didn’t have to cook or bother with anything in the kitchen. I lost a lot of weight, LOL. 😆

    • Wahahah ???? I hope you’ll remember the hostel’s name.

      What a solid weight loss programme!! Wahahah ????????????

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