This is a beautiful city stroll / chilled tourism sort of place. Do not expect lots to do or see. What this old town has to offer is oldness LOL Seriously, this town as been around since AD77.Colchester, Britain's oldest town-0280.JPGToast of town is the Colchester Castle / park. Let jump right to it and get it out of the way.

Colchester, Britain's oldest town-0107.JPG
Colchester Castle back garden. Lots of Pokemon Go fans spotted.

It was a girls weekend (drove from London ), so we busted out our cameras and took a ton of photos LOL Here were my personal favourite from the Colchester Castle arena.Colchester, Britain's oldest town-0296Colchester, Britain's oldest town-0287It was no Edinburgh castle calibre. Certainly had no mega crowds like Windsor either. Nice distraction for hanging out with friends? I don’t know, it is not a place that I’d rave about. It was nice to not have to fight the crowds though.Colchester, Britain's oldest town-0275.JPGTime to walk around town a bit.

Colchester, Britain's oldest town-0257
Dutch Quarter

After this visit, I have sworn to not take any more of Buzzfeed’s advises. I felt a bit bad that I suggested this route with my visiting friends. I do appreciate that this town is THE oldest in Britain. However, I didn’t feel that it was that pretty? Personally, if you’re near by the area, pop in for a stroll. Don’t drive here specially for Colchester.Colchester, Britain's oldest town-0254


Where was I?

Colchester, Sussex, England

Official tourism site:

Colchester, Britain's oldest town-0322

How to get here?

From London:

  • 90min drive



  • 150min by bus


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    • Haha this comment is so you.

      O no! I did not!!! Thanks for the link. I’ll look it up for a future trip. Thanks.

  1. Haha Colchester reminds me of being a child. My parents used to take me there reguarly for some reason! I used to like the area a lot more in the past as there was quirky shops and the area had a bit more atmosphere😊 x

    • Really? haha That’s such cute memories. Sadly, a lot of the quirkiness has been replaced with national chains 🙁

      • I know😔 last time I was there I was so gutted. There was loads of unique shops where I’d get handcrafted lace bags, etc. That was what I liked about Colchester x

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