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Windsor castle – day trip from London

The castle ground was ENORMOUS. The crowd was equally huge -_- even on a week day. Welcome to the British Royal Home, Windsor Castle.

Lots of beautiful places within the ground prohibited photography (not just no flash, as in NO camera, NO phone photos). The stateroom where Her Majesty hosted parties was also off limits. Even the kitchen prohibits photography. Basically, you MUST visit to see the place for yourself. It was definitely worth the trip. Absolutely beautiful!


NB Grab that audio guide before entering the castle!!! (it’s free & can use your own earphones)


Guess whose voice did the introduction? It was done by someone special… Answer is at the bottom of the post.


These guys were from the infantry. All weapons were real. They’re there to protect the Queen.

The chapel was garnished to the nines! From the door knobs to the ceiling. Everything was sculptured, decorated and just amazing *breath* Sooooo stunning. Atlas, no photos allowed. Well, and it was a real place of worship.


The chapel closes earlier than the other features. Look at the schedule prior to the actual visit to avoid disappointment.

windsor-castle-day-trip-england-9832I highly recommend that you top up and add the royal kitchen tour as part of your trip. That kitchen… *sigh* made me cry. Those copper pots were too beautiful (and old, like from Victoria time). I have no words. Such beauty. It is also the oldest working kitchen in all of Britain.

Interesting points about the state room (dining room):

  1. Party menu is always in French.
  2. Her Majesty’s seat at the table is the same width as all the guests, 45cm
  3. She always sits opposite Prince Philips.
  4. Each chair is exactly 27 inch from the table (they measure that)
  5. The dining table is 175ft (53.34m)
  6. The dining table in the state room was made in 1846
  7. 160 seats, 2000 cutlery, 960 to 1200 glasses
  8. The table is laid within mm precision.
  9. It takes 2 days to lay the table.
  10. Mics are hidden inside the flower arrangement so that everyone can hear her Majesty when she wishes to address the table


If you live in UK, keep your ticket and get it stamped before you exit 😉 it will turn itself into an annual pass 😀


Didn’t find food on the castle ground. Only spotted ice cream. Feed before entering the gates 😉

Where was I?

Windsor castle

135 Lower Clapton Rd, London E5 8EQ

Entrance fee: GBP20 / adult **Free if you are an English Heritage member.

Visit the official site to check on the prices for each add on tour or additional access.

How to get here?

Totally workable as a day trip from London. This was under 2hrs train from London. Change at Slough. From Slough, it is a direct train to Windor & Eton. The castle was less than 10min walk from the station.



Audio guide introduction was voiced by Prince of Wales, Prince Charles.


  1. I’d love to visit one of these days! You inspired me. Those tidbits are so interesting!
    That kitchen… I guess it’s fit for a Queen! 😛
    Nice lipstick by the way! 😉

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  2. Fascinating fasted Joyce, although sitting opposite Phil at formal meals could get tiresome especially if he starts on his JOKES. Did you see any Corgis hanging out in the yard?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, I should really have to plan my visit to UK very soon. People from Philippines are now blessed to have a visa free when they visit UK. Thank you for sharing this journey of yours Joyce. Keep your passion to travel!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Really? Visa free is the best! Pound is cheap now, will be a great time to visit here. Thank you for reading, Lai 😉😄


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