Yey, another box 😀 and it is food stuff :9 This was actually my guilty box. I had a junk food box subscription with Japan Funbox, so this was my counter measure… the healthy snack box. I didn’t know if this actually helped, but I felt better about myself *LOL*

Graze is a subscription box service where you can choose the day of delivery 😀 Either weekly or bi-weekly. Can pause / cancel or resume up to 4 days before the planned delivery date. They have a list of clear cut off time and date on their page. In addition, they also have an interactive rating system for all the snacks that subscribers received.


Must say, this box packaging was not as exciting as my first box. It didn’t come with a joke 🙁 So no special photos on the box itself this time.

Not for me. I am really not a raisin fan. It reminded me of my old pet, BeeBee, a fluffy fur ball of cutenss.
White chocolate buttons , ameretti drops, almonds and coconut 😀 This was probably a topper item. I ate it directly and that was messy *LOL* spoon, anyone?
Personally, I preferred it better if the WHOLE pack was filled with the slice. The assam (tea) was nice, but hey, the slice was better.

Overall, I liked my first box better. All 4 items were sweet this time. I strongly prefer salty items. Hopefully, I’ll get a salty box next time 😀


How to get a box?

Or get the 1st (5th & 10th) box for FREE with this link: CHOSHA2QU ** You can unsubscribe after you received your freebie 1st box. There is no commitment.

It was £3.99 per box for 4 snacks. They have different types of box. Mine is the variety box.

If you purchase a railcard, you can also get the first box for free.


**If you do sign up using my code, I get £1 off my next box:) Not sure if that qualifies as affiliated code, since I don’t actually get paid????


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  1. I’m surprised you even managed to take a photo before all this was consumed! 😆
    You know what’s weird? I like raisins on their own but I detest them in baked goods! Something about rehydrated dried fruit makes the texture all slimy and gross.
    This is where you and I differ: I prefer sweet items all the way! I like some salty stuff but it’s a rare day when I crave chips (crisps to you) or a hamburger. Give me candies and cake!

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