Clarins instant light 03 peach is easily my favourite no-makeup look product. It is perfect for those days where you’re on a tanning holiday and your colour fluctuates by the hour or times when there’s no miror e.g. inflight. Comparative swatches are included (MAC NC25 and other Clarins shades).

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Coverage & Finish

Sheer coverage. Radiance finish. Can achieve no makeup look, it is undetectable unless you’ve a very off shade.

It rises my face up from dead to alive, but with virtually no coverage LOL



Typical Clarins product smell? Feminine, sweet floral. It is not a youthful feminine smell. Can’t smell within a minute of application.


Skin type

Oily skin stay away from this thing.

Fab for dull / dry / patchy / dehydrated skin. Okay for normal skin. Short life on T zone for combination skin.

I never trust the “all skin type” makeup review. I believe if the product is any good at all, it has to be outstanding with one skin type and suck for another.

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Pearl finish plastic tube with golden metallic pump + lid. Comes in a rectangular sturdy card box.

I am positive that the lid is metal, because I’ve sat on it and it deformed LOL I forced it back into shape.


*I can’t weigh it, mine is like half way through, but this one is pretty light and I often travel with it.



Country of origin

Made in France


Application method

I prefer my palm. I squeeze a pump (sometimes less if I’m that that tanned yet) into the palm of my hands. I rub the product to warm it up a bit and press the product onto my face with palms.


My main use for this product is for holiday / flight. The coverage is so light, sponge or brush is a total waste of time?


Clarins’ official site does advertise this as a pre-foundation product (although can be worn alone). Personally, unless you have exceptionally dry skin, I do not recommend using this as a pre-foundation product. It’s like a moisturiser with a bit of glowy tint.clarins-instant-light-radiance-boosting-complexion-base-03-peach-5210



I bought the 03 peach. It is sheer / tinted moisturiser product. It looks really natural on me, especially when I’m having MAC NC25-NC30 / C3 days. Again, it is so sheer. I love it for the glow.

They have this in rose, apricot and champagne as well. I haven’t tried the others.

Swatches from wrist to elbow: MAC studio sculpt NC25, Clarins true radiance 108, Diorskin nude 31, Givenchy longwear fluid 05, Clarins skin illusion 110, Clarins instant light radiance boosting complexion base (top) 03 peach, (bottom) 02 champagne


I use this without any primer or powder.

The coverage is sheer. It is super hard to tell when it started breaking down / slide off? One thing that I do know is that it doesn’t break down badly or texturise my skin. It maintains the glow through the day (8hrs +). It honestly feels more skin care product with a bit of tint.



I LOVE it. It feel skin care-ish? Like a freshen up moisturiser. My skin loves this thing especially after long haul flights. It makes me look fresh and even my mother in law complimented me for looking fab after 12 hours flight LOL

All my freckles and acne scars were still clearly visible. Clarins instant light made my skin appear very smooth and radiant (even though, I was actually experiencing severe hang over).


Price £26.50 32,50€

Clarins usa $38.00

sigh I don’t even want to look further. Stashy, please don’t show me the CA price, I’ll get depressed. Why is France always the most expensive country?



I don’t know how many of these I have bought in the past. I’ve been using Clarins instant light sort of range since the 90s. Back then there was only 1 colour (apricot) and it was called colour veil. The tube was clear with a white based golden rim lid. OGs will know what I’m talking about.


Overall rating: B-

Packaging – 5/5

Scent – 5/5

Blendability – 5/5

Look – 8/10

Comfort – 10/10

Longevity – 6/10 (? I’m not very sure about this one. Too sheer to tell?)

Oxidation – n/a

Value for money – 2/5 it is expensive for a sheer makeup product, but then I love how it makes my skin looks beautiful instantly and continuously through the day.


Featured photo was taken Maison de foret, Guadeloupe

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  1. This sounds great. You got me curious even though I do NOT need!
    I had the concealer from this range but had to give it away due to the nearly invisible coverage! And it faded so fast.
    I do like the pump packaging though. LMAO why did you sit on the lid?!
    I guess the tagline of this product is “French BB cream”?
    PS. It costs $38 CAD. 😛

    • So mean, Stash~~~ CAD price is better as usual.

      Well, all sort of accident happens on the plane you know 😛

      You’re more NC20 now, right? 02 champagne will be better. 03 Peach is only good for when I’m tanned 😀 or when I want to fake a tan haha

      hm… for the tag line, the coverage is so low, “French tinted moisturiser” is probably more fitting haha 😀

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