Will not find peace and calmness on Brighton beach! This place is swarmed. Brighton is a mere 1 hour train ride from Victoria station, can easily see why this place is one of Londoners’ favourite getaway. Photogenic town.

See this crowd? Good luck with finding peace.

I came from Cape Town. Pebble beach isn’t my thing. To me, a real beach is with sand. I do appreciate the lack of it because it is easier to clean off after the dip, but that’s where the love ends. So hard and hot on the feet! How do people enjoy this type of thing?

It was totally too cold for me, but my friend was from Sweden, so according to her it was pretty warm. Tip from me? Never trust anyone from Scandinavia for acceptable temperature guidance.

The popular solution are the infamous stripe chairs (featured photo). They’re almost synonymous with the place. Post card perfect with the colour contrast.

West Pier, Brighton

No trip will be complete without the iconic West Pier, right? This thing has been abandoned since 1975, bankruptcy, went through storms and fire, needless to say it is beyond repair. There was a Trust who tried to repair it, but hey, the Palace Pier side thinks that it isn’t fair (?!?). For now, it is just slowly rotting away. Did you know that part of the West Pier was demolished to make way for the i360 tower? So sad that a part of history is lost.

Palace Pier. If you’re facing the West Pier, Palace Pier is on your left – 20min walk.

If you’re an avid Pokemon Go player, you MUST visit the Palace Pier. There are LOTS of spirit stop and pokemon there 😉 Since lots going on this densely packed pier. I’ll write more on this on a seperate post 😉


This was part of the girls weekend away. Miss you girls xox

I obsessed with my friend’s shoes. They’re from Vans.


  • Visit before 10h00, there was no body.
  • Take the train from London . There’s no parking. It was total hell.


Where was I?

Brighton beach, England

This beautiful terrace is a quick 10min walk to the right of West Pier. Unfortunately, we had 2 instagram perfect girls in front of us hogging the place. After 10min of waiting, I gave up. *LOL* How many photos were these girls going to take?

How to get here?

I highly recommend using the train – 1hour from Victoria station, London. Finding a parking was a total nightmare, you really don’t want to do this. We were waiting for 90min in a queue to find parking. It was not fun at all.

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Camera: Canon 5D mark 3, Sony Z3+

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  1. Yeah pebble beaches are painful – ouch!
    Hehe the part about Pokemon Go – it’s ruined so many attractions around here with crowds of people milling around.

    • Pokemon Go has calmed down a lot now. Hopefully it stays that way. haha it is rather scary, I was guilty of Pokemon zombie too at some stage

  2. I love Brighton. But I’m with you about the beach. And it’s certainly not a patch on any of the beaches around Cape Town!

  3. Fascinating beach Joyce, we hear about them and laugh a lot, we are lucky to have sand on our beaches and also sunny skies!!

    • If I’m back home in Cape Town, I’ll probably laugh with you. Now that I live in Paris, any beach is better than no beach 😛

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