!@&^$£?@ Got stung by this mint looking plant myself. Totally need to share with you all out there.

My leg brushed past this plant and it felt as if my leg was burning. It is not poisonous, but hey, it hurts. The pain went away after a day. The whole plant has micro hairs to sting. Evil plant!!!

Let me introduce you to, ORTIE. Google translate calls it nettle.ortie-french-stinger-plant-nettle-9822.JPG


Well, the French has it right. They cook this plant. Only touch when they’re dried / cooked. Else, prepare to burn for 2-3 days.

Natural remedy – vinegar


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  1. Oh, stinging nettle! Now I know why they call it that! I’ve seen it here in a variety of tea/herbal remedies for period cramps.

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