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Safe vs Dangerous photo – Safari, South Africa

In a safari tour, one needs to know when to give it up. It saddens me greatly that yet another tourist has became lunch. Lions are CARNIVORES. We’re food, period! We are easy snacks that run slower than most animals. Opening the windows / get out of the car is not good. The below are ‘safe’ pictures to take. The below is ‘GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE’ picture.

Edible, but evil – Ortie, France

!@&^$£?@ Got stung by this mint looking plant myself. Totally need to share with you all out there. My leg brushed past this plant and it felt as if my leg was burning. It is not poisonous, but hey, it hurts. The pain went away after a day. The whole plant has micro hairs to sting. Evil plant!!!