Near death experience. November is the beginning of box jellyfish aka ‘stingers’ season in Australia. Box jelly man have a top rating for pain and some species can cause death by cardiovascular arrest. O, November also happens to be crocodiles’ active season.

Dipping at sunset = mega bad idea. Sub merging my body made me a croc bait.


So this tourist landed and tried to get a dip asap at croc / shark dinner hour… sunset. Luckily, I survived to tell the tale. I am no daredevil, it was out of sheer ignorance. There were signs all over the show, I didn’t know why I didn’t see them. Not smart at all. Please do not be stupid like me.

I started off loving it that the beach was quiet.  After about 10min of seaside fun, I started to think that perhaps something was wrong.palm-cove-beach-danger-1156.JPG

Why did nobody come near the water? Not even walking along the beach line (dipping feet in the water, no kids or dogs were playing with the water either). That was when I decided that something must be in the water and called it a day  When I got back to my accomodation, I asked the local about that. He was flabbergasted. According to him, there was a 4m long croc spotted in the water recently. Enough said.

Another lady was less lucky. She got dead in May 2016 doing a skinny dip around 22:00. Again, croc dinner time. Crocs have excellent night vision and hunt by ambush. The bumps on their head prevent ripples i.e  won’t see it coming.palm-cove-beach-danger-1146.JPGNo matter, Cairns beaches are stunningness of note. There’s designated areas where one can enjoy a dip without fearing croc/sharks/jellyfish. Be mindful of signs ???? and prepare to fall in love with Cairns.

The sea was not blue. The wind got all the sand flared up 🙁 Low visibility.


Jelly fish season – Nov to Jan. Always ask a local before dipping (yes, even feet only)
Never swim at dawn, sunset or at night. Do not go near the water either. You’ll be an instant croc-bait.
Where was I?

Palm Cove beach, Queensland, Australia


Camera: Sony Z3+

*This was a mobile blogging attempt. Photos have been compressed on PC after publishing 😛


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    • Well, they do have some ‘netted’ off areas 😉 For sure, I won’t do the open water thing again. It was scary indeed.

  1. You crazy tourist! So lucky.
    Australia is on my list of places to visit. But, it might also be my last place to visit if I die there. The insects ALONE scare the heck out of me. I just know that I will be bitten by something that will affect me in odd ways that no one else will be bothered by. Mark my words!

    • Wahahah ???? you can’t get that ‘lucky’. Queensland is just soooo beautiful. Koala hug exclusive zone ????

    • Hi Nano, you’ll have a fab time!!! It’s okay to SCUBA dive in the reef. Nothing man eating over there. It’s the coastline / beaches, just watch out for signs. Can still swim in some areas. Ask the local first before running in ????

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