Manga-Kissa まんが喫茶. Not all Manga Cafes are made equal. There are basic ones and the deluxe versions. Take a quick look before decide to ‘check-in’. Photos are forbidden inside. I managed to take some when there was no body around.

During peak season travel, e.g. cherry blossom, red leave chasing and golden week, manga cafes can easily be your cheapest last minute accommodation plan. Manga cafes are everywhere all over Japan. I’ve came across them in all 27 prefectures that I’ve been to. In large cities, there’ll be several within one block!


This was the price list from. Photo was taken from Jiqoo manga cafe 自遊空間 熊本銀座通り店 〒860-0807 Kumamoto Prefecture, Kumamoto, Chuo Ward, Shimotori, 1−9−1 They’re a national chain.

Packages are much cheaper than doing pay as you go. Read all your options. Many of the receptionist are youngsters who can speak a little English.

Kyoto manga cafe

Each manga cafe has its own variety of drinks & snacks. Usually, drinks are unlimited and are included in the price. Think hot chocolate, matcha latte, ice tea, Japanese tea, English tea, Japanese soda, Coca Cola stuff etc. Due to tough competitions, some also offer all you can eat junk food. Choose cafe wisely 😉


Some chain offers private manga room (think tatami, TV for anime and fully enclosed room), shower facilities AND massage chairs!!!

This was my cubicle @ Gran Cyber Cafe Shibuya, Tokyo

This is a potentially no bed accommodation. But hey, a roof is a roof 😉


You can tell that I’m a fan, can’t you? It’s not an accommodation choice for everybody, but hanging there for even 30min just to experience it is fun.


Please excuse the photo quality. The lighting was really not the best + I am not good at sneaking around taking photos.


Where was I?

Somewhere in Japan inside a manga cafe.



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  1. Seriously, is there anything the Japanese have not thought of? This is the first time I have heard about this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Manga cafes as hotels!?! What.
    So what happens, you go in and buy 6 hours or something like that? Then if there’s no bed, do you just sleep sitting up? I’m so curious! Is this common for the locals to do this?
    I just do not do “alternative” accommodations. Once, my sister and I did wander around Montreal all night and caught the Greyhound bus back to Toronto at 4am to avoid spending money for a hotel! 😆

  3. Fascinating Joyce, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those whacko young Japanese men live in them.

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