In a safari tour, one needs to know when to give it up. It saddens me greatly that yet another tourist has became lunch. Lions are CARNIVORES. We’re food, period! We are easy snacks that run slower than most animals. Opening the windows / get out of the car is not good.

The below are ‘safe’ pictures to take.

IMG_3732 IMG_3722IMG_3745 IMG_3709

The below is ‘GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE’ picture.

IMG_3736 58939_10150267497475204_1938472_n

If the lion is looking right into the camera, it is looking at the camera man… If the posture is like this, it is ready to chase. Lions do not hunt alone. They hunt in packs. So chances are, there’s another one nearby to chase you into ‘food’ position. Another sign that there’s a lion nearby is when a cheetah suddenly gives up a prey and runs for it.

The elephant walking towards the car is also NOT good. These lovelies will not eat you, but they will walk over the car and killing you in the process (out of curiosity / aggression). New borns are around 100kg. Adults (male) are around 7 tons.  If there’s a family walking by, you will feel it.

South Africa is beautiful and our safaris are fabulous. Humans are easy meat popsicles. Please pay attention to our safari guides’ instructions.

Safe travels xox

Photo: Samsung Galaxy S3

Yes, I know that it is a crime to not take camera to a safari… but I am a local South African, Safari is kind of close by 😛


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  1. Really enjoyed this post – how true are your observations but still so many people do not heed to the strict rules I imagine.

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