There was a sense of refined elegance in Itsukushima shrine. Bewitching charm that graced over the water. Asia’s version of Mount Saint Michael. I spent 10 hours trying to capture the mesmerizing Itsukushima shrine 厳島神社. At every hour the view was new, at every hour the lighting was different. I wanted to capture them all. Hugely sun burn afterwards, completely lost track of time. There were virtually no bad photo spot over here. But hey, that view was just GODLIKE. Top 3 scenic spot in Japan, a title well deserved.


At the peak of low tides, one can walk right up to the Tori. Be prepared for the ‘sea’ smell? 😛
Did you know that the gates (tori) is the door to the other world? It is according to Shinto.
Near the entrance of every Shinto shrine will be there fountains with ladles. They’re meant for cleansing the ‘soul’ / prep to worship the gods.

**The audio guide (you can get it at the Miyajima ferry station) is well worth it. It was informative and make the place even more interesting.

This camera guy on the right was working hard. He was there almost as long as us.

Like I said, there’re virtually no bad photo spots at this place. Plus, I did hang around for about 10 hours. So, I had every light possible? *LOL*

What a beautiful couple! Traditional Japanese Shinto wedding.

The wait for that tide to change was LONG. Luckily, there were birds and deer to entertain *LOL* Well, the deer ate part of my map when I was taking photos and sent me running.

This deer pulled off the girl’s kimono decorations and then bit her umbrella.

Bird lovers out there, during low tides, there are birds catching their lunch! Bring you long lens with you!! Don’t laugh at my photos, it was my first time with the 300m.itsukushima-jinja-miyajima-5954itsukushima-jinja-miyajima-6003itsukushima-jinja-miyajima-5917And of course, there are kids trying to catch some stuff too.

After all of these interesting observations 😛 It was time to shoot the high tide shrine.Itsukushima Jinja Miyajima-6103.JPGItsukushima Jinja Miyajima-6109.JPGItsukushima Jinja Miyajima-6195.JPGitsukushima-jinja-miyajima-194107So that’s it for the day at this stunning shrine  😀


More information about Itsukushima Shrine

Itsukushima jinja, ‘floating shrine on the sea’, is ancient… the main building was said to be as old as AD593. First time being written about was in AD811. Either way, it is pretty OLD.

What about the famous Torii? That orange giant that float in the middle of the sea. Known as the great Torii, the gateway between the spiritual world and ours. They were magnificent because it weigh 60 tons and could only be built while being in sync with the tidal schedule. Build back in 1875. The ‘pillars’ are make of camphor wood, tree age around 500~600 years old to make this gate.

Religious affiliation: Shinto

Itsukushima Jinja Miyajima-6316.JPG


Unless you wanted to travel slow and wait around all day like me, the tidal schedule is VERY critical to the success of this trip. So make sure you schedule yourself accordingly.

Low tide: walk to the great torii or time to something else on the island e.g. food, hikes, temples

High tide: go to Itsukushima jinja and knock yourself out taking photos

Sunburn is possible. Lots of open space and water. Wear sunscreen to avoid blunder like me aka red burnt neck


How to get here?

Starting from Hiroshima. From Tokyo to Hiroshima via the shinkansen train is approx. 5 hours.

Cheapest method – free for JR rail pass holders

Get off at JR Miyajimaguchi train station and take the JR ferry to get across, 25~30min JPY410. If you have the JR pass, the ferry is included.

Most efficient / Max tourism method

Take the ferry from Hiroshima Peace Park. JPY2000 one way, JPY3600 return. 1 hour each way.


From Hiroshima port take the ferry to Miyajima. JPY1850 one way. Approx 30min each way.



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  1. Oh My Goodness, ten hours to capture these photos – well can I say that your patience is incredibly well deserved – they are fabulous.

  2. Beautiful images, one of my 3 favourite places in Japan, I have stayed on Miyajima every time.

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